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Education as an Important Factor in the Exercise of Agro-tourism Activities
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Lavdim Lajçi, Dokthenë Lajçi
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Bridge Center
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Abstract :
In Kosovo after 1999 when the armed conflict ended, a large part of its citizens did not have adequate education and this has directly impacted on the standard of living and the way of exercising economic activities. Seeking a quick alternative to doing business and rebuilding the economy of the country, some of the important sectors of the economy were forgotten and the main focus was the trading of imported goods, the increase of hotel and restaurant capacity, but an important sector as agriculture was forgotten. In this aspect, the level of education and the preparation of human resources for the labor market also fell. As a result of this, we have an awareness beyond each level with the advantages that may arise from the development of agro-tourism in relation to the development of the country's economy and the improvement of the quality of life. In order to reflect the impact of education on the development of agro-tourism and the reasons why farmers would practice or why they would not pursue agro-touristic activities, we conducted a study involving 150 respondents and their analysis was done according to the log model of variance by extracting some average data according to the need of our study and utilizing this data to achieve results. The study is presented by tables and graphs according to the results obtained from the research.
Keywords :
education, agro-tourism, development, farm.

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