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The attitudes to Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) of non-native Chinese residents: an empirical study based on residents from Europe, United Kingdom and the USA
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Svitlana Kutia, Wang Yong, Jing Zhao
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Bridge Center
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Background: Most of previous studies have demonstrated increasing in the application of TCM in developed countries with lack of information about residents from Europe, United Kingdom and the USA, their attitude in using TCM in Beijing as a quality alternative to Western Medicine and willing in continuing using after returning to home countries. Our empirical study has an importance in globalization and internationalization the strategic governmental steps in promoting TCM overseas. Objectives: to analyze how the experience of using TCM by the expats in Beijing will influence their attitude of using in home countries and willing to recommend to others. Methods: the quantitative data were collected based on a questionnaire survey among 103 foreigners with an experience in using the TCM. The Serial Multiple Mediator Model 6 (SMMM6) was used to estimate direct and indirect effects of the pathways analysis: Path 1 “Experience-Continue Using” and Path 2 “Personal Contacts-Introducing”. Results: the willingness of continue using and introducing the TCM was because of country of residence and age. The own experience of respondents showed the most influence results. Significant role of mediators: (X1) on Continue Using of TCM (direct effect = 0,3893, total indirect effect = 0,3345) and (X7) on Introducing TCM (direct effect = 0,0014; total indirect = 0,4231). Conclusions: current study has provided more advanced comprehension of the attitude to the TCM usage among expats and their willingness to introduce to others and can be as a background for the further research for internationalization the TCM and culture diversity.
Keywords :
Traditional Chinese Medicine, empirical study, mediators, direct and indirect effects.

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