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Evaluation of MA English Question Papers at Cognitive level: Application of Bloom Taxonomy
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Amna Fayyaz, Malik Haqnawaz Danish, Hafiz Haseeb ul Hassan
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Bridge Center
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Intellectual abilities enable one to make the right decision and solve the real-life problems, which are essential for the development of state and society. The present study examines the question papers of M.A English at Punjab University at cognitive level. Bloom’s taxonomy is used as a tool for the analysis. Triangulation method was followed to enhance the reliability of results. The difficulty level of each question was determined from the keywords found in the questions. Within an annual system of Pakistan, evaluation is conducted in two parts (part1 and part 2). The population of this study questions in the annual examination papers and sampling is the questions in Punjab university' MA English papers (part 1 and part 2). The main objective of this research is to reveal: which level of Bloom’s taxonomy is more frequent in the Punjab University’s MA English questions papers. The aim of this study highlights how much examiners are trained to assess learner’s knowledge, attitude, and skills. This study is significant for the teachers, students, examiners, educationists, and the whole education system. The findings indicate that examiners focused on the lower order thinking skills questions rather than higher-order cognitive skilled questions. The research concludes the current relationship between a student’s performance and learning outcomes.
Keywords :
Cognitive domain, critical thinking levels, MA English, Examination, papers, Bloom’s Taxonomy

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