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The deadlines of Statutory Limitation of Criminal Prosecution according to the Criminal Code of Kosovo
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Naser Sopjani
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Bridge Center
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The statutory limitation of the criminal prosecution is the term that in the legal language means the obsolescence, the passing of the term. The eligibility of criminal prosecution has to do with the fact that any action to be taken in terms of criminal prosecution, after the expiration of the due legal deadline is prohibited, is unlawful. Why these deadlines have been set and why they are important in the criminal procedure is that law enforcement must be vigilant and should not be delayed by undertaking the appropriate legal action. This brief paper aims to present the way in which the issue of filing criminal prosecution, the deadlines that have been set, as well as the issue related to the statute of limitation set out in the Criminal Code of Kosovo. These are: beginning, termination and end of statutory limitation on criminal prosecution. For this reason, the use of literature and other resources is limited in this paper because the author's purpose is the introduction of this institute under the Criminal Code of Kosovo, and its work as a whole is an interpretation of legal provisions. In this way, I am aware that much remains to be presented in this paper, but I believe it will be complemented by others in continuity, and this work will be used in the work of others.
Keywords :
Limitation, Obsolescence, Deadline, Prosecution, Criminal Code of Kosovo.

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