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International and Constitutional Aspects of Deadlines during the Criminal Procedure in Kosovo
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Naser Sopjani
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Bridge Center
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Legal deadlines or limits in criminal proceedings are very important. Setting these boundaries and respecting them made all people equal, equal to, state bodies and institutions. For this reason, in terms of the importance of setting deadlines and their respect in this paper, international agreements and instruments that are enforceable in Kosovo will be dealt with, and how they deal with the issue related to certain deadlines and the time factor. Here in this paper are treated the general aspects of time limits, as an inevitable matter of all those who deal with criminal justice. Here is also dealt with the Constitution of Kosovo as the highest legal act, and its treatment is based on respect for the best principles for respecting human rights and freedoms. The issue of their deadlines and their obligation to be respected by law enforcement officers, which are set out in the Constitution, has been addressed. The paper will have descriptive and interpretative features of the provisions of these international institutions and the Constitution of Kosovo as a basis for setting deadlines and their implementation during criminal proceedings in Kosovo. At the end of the paper we will come up with some conclusions, which necessarily condition certain recommendations, without having to mention them. With whatever work is going to be done, it still remains to be completed in the present and in the future.
Keywords :
Kosovo, International, Constitution, Criminal Procedure Code, Deadline.

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