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The Role of Active Training in the Development of Creative Thinking in Biology Classes
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Asadova B.G., Mammadova G.A.
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Bridge Center
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Each subject taught at secondary schools has its own peculiarities, and these features should be taken into consideration in the teaching process of individual disciplines. In many cases, age, pupil level, intellectual level of pupils are ignored. At present, reforms in the field of education in Azerbaijan have also updated the application of new approaches in this direction. For example, today's approach to secondary education changes. Thus, education now requires that students not just give knowledge, but also develop specific skills and habits. That is to say, the pupil's ability to live independently has become the ultimate goal of personality education. The development of thinking in the formation of students as an identity is a very important factor. According to experts, the main advantage of active learning is that it enhances students' cognitive activity, promotes them, and leads to independent decision-making. The logical, critical, creative thinking of pupils develops in the course of cognitive activity.
Keywords :
creative thinking, active learning, teaching biology

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