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Parametric Bootstrap Analysis of Gini Index in Gamma Distribution
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Ehtesham Hussain, Muhammad Ahsanuddin, Masood ul Haq
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Bridge Center
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Abstract :
The Gini index in frequently used in the study of income distribution, and it is determined that the Gamma distribution, in many situations fits family income better than the other statistical distribution. However, Gini index in the Gamma distribution has its complex form, and its exact sampling distribution is tedious to obtain. An alternative to this problem is Bootstrap which makes enormous use of the computer’s ability. In the present study the sampling properties of Gini index in Gamma distribution are studied. The sampling design used is simple random sampling (SRS) with replacement. The sample sizes are n = 5, 10, 20 and 200, and all the simulation is based on 500 replicates. All computations are made using Mathematica software.
Keywords :
Bootstrap, Gamma distribution, Gini index, Simple random sampling

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