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Linking women contribution in agriculture to food security: Evidence from developing countries
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Ilhem Zorgui, Said Jaouadi
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Bridge Center
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Abstract :
The paper aims to shed the light on the contribution of rural women and its contribution on food security issue, focusing on scientific foundations of econometrics and recent methodology. The present article attempts elucidate the role of rural women to improve the access to nourishment in developing countries. The theoretical advances regarding the topic female contribution in economics are abundant and significant. The author attempted to find out the essence of the link between women contribution and food security through conducting an empirical research that focuses on modern approach in econometric analysis. The empirical investigation carried out in the present paper enabled us to bear out the strong relationship between the contribution of women in agriculture and the improvement of food security index. It stems from the empirical research conducted on 85 developing countries in 2017 through the estimation of a cross-sectional panel, the positive effect of women on food security, their contribution is not limited solely on promoting food security. It stems from the empirical investigation that rural women are improving the 3 components utilized to construct the food security indicator: availability, affordability and the quality and safety.
Keywords :
food security, agriculture. Food policy, national security, Economic nationalism, agriculture, natural resources.

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