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Identification of Problems Faced by Female Teachers in Consolidated Schools in Multan
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Abida Khan, Najam ul Kashif, Hafiz Kosar, Huma Naz, Khalid Mahmood Khan, Anila Noor
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Bridge Center
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Abstract :
There is no debate that education plays a significant part in the rise and fall of a nation. Competency level of teachers and students is not up to the mark in Pakistan. Many developments in educational sector of Pakistan are made in the last decade with the emerging number of consolidated schools but teachers and especially female teachers are not well facilitated in terms of support, trainings, security and other such issues. For a healthy and sustainable education system in Pakistan teachers’ problems needs to be addressed. The study aims to identify and highlight the problems faced b females teachers in consolidated schools. For this purpose a sample of 120 respondents was selected randomly and it was identified that overburden, clerical work, lack of trainings, political influence and supervision are most common problems faced by female teachers in consolidated schools. The study recommends system of accountability, transparent system of recruitment, advancement opportunities, incentives and control political interference.
Keywords :
Education, Development, Problems, Consolidated schools, Opportunities

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