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Avaliação Mecânica e Física de Resíduo de Vidro em pó Como Agregado Miúdo em Concreto
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Gilvana Magalhães Maciel, José Claudio Moura Benevides, Glauber do Vale de Medeiros
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Bridge Center
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For the Ministry of environment 2018, a third of household waste is composed of packaging. However, not all of them go to the recycling process, where this waste contributes to the increase of volumes in landfills and dumps, requiring new areas to dispose of the waste we generate. The reuse of these packaging is an activity in which certain types of materials are daily picked up from the most distinct places such as: cooperatives manage the business. This process of selective collection is important nowadays, or when it becomes what is or will be found in the trash in new products, thus reducing the new waste that would probably be released to the environment, but at the same time, reduce the consumption of non-renewable sources of raw materials.
Keywords :
Environment, Reuse, waste and raw material

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