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Librarian Services Quality and Student Satisfaction in University
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Mohammed Nuhu, Abdullahi Hassan Gorondutse, Solomon Olubunmi
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Bridge Center
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The studies on library user satisfaction have become a topic of recent debate. The aimed of this paper is to analyse the effects of library collection, e-resources, and librarian service quality towards student satisfaction in the University. A sample of 80 were employees based on probability sampling technique adopted. The data were obtained from the respondents using a questionnaire. The study used IBM SPSS Statistics 24 Application software for analysis, descriptive analysis, reliability analysis, regression analysis, and hypothesis testing results using. The results and findings shown that librarian service quality is significantly related to the student satisfaction in the University. Therefore, the result of this study found that the best services, physically and technically, provided by the University Library has been satisfying the customers, which are students of Universities generally, and especially the students who visit the library. Hence, this paper recommended that University Library UUM to improve their performance in order to meet the visitor’s satisfaction, especially in the area of quality of librarian services. The future researchers employ other factors besides of library collection, e-resources, and librarian service quality towards the student satisfaction.
Keywords :
Student Satisfaction, Library, Service Quality

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