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Análise Sobre o Reaproveitamento dos Resíduos Provenientes da Construção Civil em Manaus-AM
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Raul Victor de Almeida Sena, Charles Ribeiro de Brito
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Bridge Center
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This article deals with the theme of solid construction waste reflecting the perspectives of sustainability and civil construction. Its objective is to analyze, from the bibliographic and exploratory research, the reuse of waste from civil construction in order to show its economic, environmental and social benefits. Highlighting in this way, its advantages for the real estate market and for the civil construction in Manaus. The research starts from a literature review discussing the process of reuse of construction waste and its application as a measure of reduction and socioenvironmental impact in civil construction. The methodology contemplates the descriptive bibliographical research, making use of the qualitative, exploratory and systemic method through content analysis. Thus, the results are derived from content analysis based on literary contributions. Thus, the article presents a systematized and reflective reading of the importance of fostering the development of sustainable construction practice in the city of Manaus-AM through the reutilization of construction waste.
Keywords :
Construction. Waste. Reuse.

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