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Comparative Study of Resistance to Compression in Concrete with Construction Waste Aggregates and Demolition
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Priscila Silva de Sousa, Euler André Barbosa de Alencar
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Bridge Center
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Abstract :
The construction industry is constantly growing and with it comes the production of waste from it, with this intense growth came concern with the environmental impacts they were causing in the environment and in the quality of life of the population, the importance of the handling and disposal of these wastes, together with a sustainable vision where these materials could be reused. Aiming at all this context, this bibliographical research was elaborated where we talked about the resistance to compression of concrete with the substitution of natural aggregates for recycled aggregates, where we try to show a satisfactory result, so that these materials can come into use, helping in the preservation of the environment environment, reusing materials that would probably be disposed of incorrectly.
Keywords :
Impacts. Waste. Resistance. Reuse.

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