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Determination of Antibacterial, Antifungal and Antileishmanial Activities in Medicinal Plants and their Impacts on Human Life (A Review)
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Atta Ur Rehman, Muhammad Anwar Panezai, Mudassir Asrar, Jahangi Khan Achakzai, Abdul Manan Kakar, Nazima Yousaf Khan, Ajab Khan Tareen, Muhammad Suleman, Abdul Baqi, Inayatullah, Hakellah
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Bridge Center
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Medicinal plants include various beneficial compounds which are used in herbal medicine. The early life of human history fully depended on herbs and herbal therapy. The ancient herbalists believed that herbs were the only solutions to cure different chronic and acute diseases. Since then, studies and research on plants metabolites got huge importance to overcome health issues in human and animals. Moreover, with the passage of time synthetic drugs were introduced in medicinal world that had the ability to cure health immediately. However, the synthetic drugs are not free from side effects which cause not only illnesses but also worsening them. One of the major side effects of synthetic drugs include resistance to the medicine. This is the turning point for the medicinal world to get back to the herbal medicine. Therefore, these circumstances compelled the researchers to shift their concentration to use herbal medicines instead of synthetic ones due to their less side effects, easily available and having productive results against several bacterial, fungal, leishmanial and other pathogenic infections.
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Diseases; Herbs, Herbal therapy; Medicine; Resistance

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