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Environmental Impact Assessment of Algae on Nuclear Power Plant Cooling System
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M. S. Tawfik, Ramadan A.B.
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Bridge Center
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Abstract :
The quality of the cooling water intake and the amount of algae in that water affects the operation and performance of the condenser and therefore the thermal performance of the typical steam plant and nuclear power plant. In this study a model to determine the suitable time to kill algal bio-fouling when using different chlorine doses at different temperature had been used. The samples were collected at depth 1-10 m throughout each site. Different parameters (pH, salinity, DO and total Phytoplankton count) had been measured. The results of the study had showed that using 0.3 ppm chlorine dose which considered as suitable dose to kill algae, at different temperatures of the different selected suggested intake cooling sites. The study also showed that Al- Alamin region has high probability of algae fouling formation than other selected sites. While the AlamAlroom site has the lowest probability of algae fouling formation than other selected sites. Results also showed that AlamAlroom site has taken the lowest time to kill algae fouling than the other selected sites.
Keywords :
Algae, Bio-fouling, chlorine dose, cooling water

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