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Resíduos Sólidos da Construção Civil: Impactos Ambientais e Utilização na Pavimentação
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Leon Shamir Ribeiro Israel, Edson Andrade Ferreira
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Bridge Center
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Abstract :
Due to the large population growth, resulting in an increase in the demand for products and services from the most diverse sectors, has caused society to increasingly worry about the natural resources that are consumed and the waste generated along the entire chain productive. Nowadays, environmental issues have become a major concern for society, with which, it has been taking more and more space in the legislations of several countries. This worldwide concern is due to the uncontrolled generation of waste and the incorrect disposal, mainly from the construction industry, which leads the ranking of the biggest cause of environmental impacts. In view of this, more and more alternatives are being sought for the use of these generated wastes, one of the ways to take advantage of the RCD is the replacement, in paving of urban roads, thereby reducing environmental damage.
Keywords :
solid waste, paving, RCD, construction waste and demolition

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