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Estudo de Viabilidade Econômica Aproveitando Água de Chuva em Torres de Resfriamento no Polo Industrial de Manaus
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Vinicius De Lima Takahashi, Euler André Barbosa De Alencar
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Bridge Center
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The study of rain water of reuse has earned plenty of space due its benefits. This work aims to make a case study of a deployment project of system of exploitation of rain water of reuse in cooling towers of Central Air Conditioning applied in an industry of the PIM (Industrial Pole of Manaus City, Brazil). The project has the objective of showing whether there is meaningful economy with consumption of clean water, in addition to observe the important environmental gain. So, it was searched the daily consumption of water consumed by the cooling towers, the potential of collecting rain water from the company’s area and from these data, it was done the calculation of the storage reservoir’s size by the method of Rippl and raised the cost of deployment of the project. Finally, it was verified the good financial return and the advantages of the investment.
Keywords :
Rain water, Rreuse, Economy

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