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Dimensionamento do Sistema de Captação e Reservação de Águas Pluviais e Avaliação Econômica da Utilização para Fins não Potáveis em uma Residência na Região Urbana de Manaus - AM
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Victor De Andrade Leite, Charles Ribeiro De Brito
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Bridge Center
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The subject of water resources, which is fundamental to society, is very much discussed. Resources that are imperative for life on earth, and also essential for human activities to a large extent. In prehistory, the water was collected through the water cups or the rain because they were nomadic, so that there was no need for drainage works or water treatment plants for the separation of the wastes found there. The objective was to evaluate the economic potential of rainwater through the surface of roofs, known as gutter and designed for a single - family dwelling of 63.25 m² located in Santos Dumont, Manaus - AM. With data from the Manaus rain station (OMM: 82331) obtained from the Meteorological Data Bank, for Teaching and Research (BDMEP), through the National Institute of Meteorology (INMET, 2019), the gutter was dimensioned according to NBR 10844/89 and the reservoir sized by the English practical method. In the rainy season, from December to April, the residence studied can reach from 90% to 100% of rainwater harvesting for non-potable purposes, in the consumption range of 35 m³ per month, 45% of which is considered non-potable. The financial savings in drinking water consumption for the residence was R$ 1324,44 per year.
Keywords :
Water resources. Gutters. Rainwater

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