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Segurança do Trabalho em Obras de Pequeno Porte
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Henrique dos Santos Magalhães, Charles Ribeiro de Brito
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Bridge Center
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Abstract :
The construction industry presents a dynamic and imminently dangerous production in relation to the risks of accidents. The workers in this sector are the ones who suffer the most from the precarious qualification at work and the informal conditions in which they operate in the market. The objective of this study is to identify the importance of the use of normative guidelines of Safety and Health of Work in small works use to avoid occupational accidents and human losses. The aim was to demonstrate the safety flaws of work in small buildings, to identify the most common causes of accidents and to indicate the most appropriate guidelines for the implementation of an efficient risk management system. It was decided to carry out a bibliographic survey containing human errors and errors in work safety. The results showed that the most common causes of accidents in small buildings are falls from heights of scaffolding and buildings, electric shocks, bruises, falling stairs, roofs with different degrees of severity, with falls being the most frequent accidents. Due to non-compliance with labor legislation and safety, lack of knowledge of workers, negligence of employers and lack of a safety management system. The most appropriate guidelines for the implementation of an efficient risk management system should involve employees in order to sensitize them to a culture of accident prevention, as well as the application and techniques of preliminary risk analysis, classification knowledge and agents harmful to health, existing in the work environment.
Keywords :
Work Accidents. Occupational Risks. Construction. Works of Small Porte. Safety and Health at work.

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