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Applying (A.I) Algorithms to Stabilize the Cooling State in a 3-Dimension Continuous Casting Process
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Muhammad Naeem, Naveed Sheikh, Mudassar Iqbal, Muhammad Asif, Durdana Munirand, Samina Naz
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Bridge Center
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In this research, we introduce a method for re-establishing the cooling state in a crystallizer and furthermore in a cooling zone of 3- dimensional continuous casting process. Generally, the shape of the cooling system changes the quality of the cast produced. That is why it is necessary to choose suitable conditions for cooling of metal ingots. The inverse problem studied, which involves explaining the method of the continuous casting process. The formulated problem, the Stefan‘s, the condition was removed and the isotherms were found as the interface where the solidification temperature seems to be same, results are obtained depending upon the steadiness of solution and Tikhonov Regularization‘s, convergence.
Keywords :
Heat transfer, Artificial intelligence, Continuous casting, the inverse problem

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