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Merchandising Exposure; Backbone of Sales Promotion
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Haroon Iqbal Maseeh, Mehak Rehman, Hafiz Ahmad Ashraf
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Bridge Center
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In the present era, almost all of the activities of the economies and business organizations are market related. Demand and supply are the two forces driving the markets. Demand is generated from the consumer side and the corporate works to meet the customer needs by providing them specific products according to their demand. Marketing discipline plays a role to maintain the system of demand and supply in the markets. Marketing works as a bridge linking the corporate and the markets by generating sales. Selling is considered as a communication between/among consumers and the sellers. For influencing the purchase decision of a customer or a group of customers, organizations design personalized confrontations. For the improvement of commercialization of a product, merchandising exposure strategies are used by the sellers. These strategies are adopted inside the stores to attract the potential customer towards a particular product for the purpose of making sales.
Keywords :
Sales promotion, product exposure, customer attraction, retail stores, display

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