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An Analysis of the Utility of IT Tools Provided by the Government in Public schools of Tehsil Gojra, Punjab, Pakistan
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Farhana Asghar
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Bridge Center
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Education is a state of systematic instruction for the development of abilities and mental power. Teachers and students are the major elements of global educational system. In twentieth century technology play a vital role in the field of education. The present study has pointed out the value of modern technologies in the teaching learning process and to determine the utility of IT tools for students learning in the public schools. In govt sector there are many difficulties faced by the teachers and students in the use of IT tools like computers, Tablets and projectors. The concept of modern teaching is interactive and technology oriented. Modern teaching has necessary component of presenting ideas by students through group discussion, cooperative learning, open discussion and self-study which is included in this study to furnish the students’ abilities in learning environment. All the Students and teachers of govt sector school were the population of this study. The target population was 15 Govt. high schools from tehsil Gojra was selected randomly through From the list of 126 schools 15 schools were selected through Two teachers and five students are randomly selected from each selected school. Total sample of the respondents was 30 teachers and 75 students from selected school. The sample of the study was consisted of 105 respondents. A well-developed interview schedule was used for the purpose of data collection. The collected data was analyzed by the using of computer software (SPSS) Statistical Package for Social Sciences.
Keywords :
Information Technology, Teaching, Learning Process, Quality education.

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