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Role of Modern Teaching Methods for Providing Quality Education at Higher Level
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Farhana Khokhar
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Bridge Center
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Abstract :
Teacher’s way of teaching has a significance effect on students learning. The major aim of the research was to find out that How to improve the quality education through modern teaching methods. The purpose of study was to investigate which method is the best for the teaching learning process. The present study has pointed out the value of modern technologies in the teaching learning process. The concept of modern teaching is interactive and technology oriented. Modern teaching has necessary component of presenting ideas by students, through group discussion, cooperative learning, open discussion and self-study which is included in this study to furnish the students abilities in learning environment. Data was collected by two public’s universities i.e. university of agriculture and university of education Faisalabad using a survey questionnaire. Convenient sampling technique was used for the selection of sample for the study. Thus, the sample size of the study was consisted of 50 respondents. The findings showed that teachers prefer the modern teaching methods for providing the quality education. Modern education is providing these all benefits to the society as whole as also it is reasonable by any class of people.
Keywords :
Modern Teaching, Quality Education, Learning environment, Faisalabad

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