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A simple and effective way of treating dehiscence of big incision caused by severe abdominal infection
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Shankara Subramanyam Govindan, Liu Shuang Yue, Liu Zi Jun
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Bridge Center
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Wound dehiscence may happen at single or multiple regions, or comprise the full length of an incision and may affect some or all tissue layers. Sometimes there is even evisceration in which dehiscence of the wound follows abruptly and is accompanied by protrusion of abdominal structures, usually bowel, through the disrupted wound. We are here introducing a new type of delayed closure for the management of our surgical wound dehiscence cases which proved to be effective. Our method’s priorities aligned were; prevention of bowel protrusion, control of infection while at the same time promoting healing. After an adequate amount of time, our patients recovered well due to granulation formation and suturing. Our delayed primary closure technique proved to be convenient and safe, but a prospective comparative study is needed to confirm its usefulness in patients whose wounds are dehisced. We believe this technique can be appreciated in its own way and considered as an option in the treatment of surgical wound dehiscence.
Keywords :
Delayed primary closure, Surgical wound dehiscence, Incision, Infection

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