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Terapia cognitivo-comportamental em grupo no desenvolvimento de inteligência emocional: Um relato de experiência
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Thalisson Samuel Silva dos Santos, Tainá Conde Pinto, Gabriella Assunção Vieira
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Bridge Center
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Emotional intelligence (EI) is characterized by a relatively new field of study, and it brings a concept that breaks the traditional idea of what it is to be intelligent. EI corresponds to the accurate ability to assess and express emotions; understand them; and control them in order to foment intellectual and emotional growth. In this scenario, we have the Applied Psychology Service of UniNorte/Laureate, which presented great demand for clients with undeveloped emotional intelligence. Opting for Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy, considering its applicability in group format, as well as its affinity to the dimensions of thought and emotion, the present article proposed a structured protocol of group intervention in the referred approach, aiming the development of EI. For this purpose, a theoretical review of this concept was carried out, as well as the main cognitive-behavioral strategies, seeking evidence for the proposed procedures and techniques, as well as a content analysis of the reports to evaluate the results.
Keywords :
Emotional intelligence; Cognitive-behavioral therapy; Group therapy; Cognitive restructuring; Modeling.

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