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Landscape architecture education in Albania – the challenge of having a studio and research-based program
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Zydi Teqja, Arlind Dervishaj
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Bridge Center
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Clear traces of urban gardening design and landscape architecture can be found during the second half of the 19th century in some of Albania's major cities but the very need for urban planning related to the landscape became evident only in the ’20 and ‘30s of the 20th century when the Albanian state was consolidated and cities began to grow. During communism the landscape was organized according to the ideology of the time, state-owned, and according to urban general plans of the time. The period saw the creation of some of the major public squares and parks for cities. After the transition, starting from the 1990s, for over a decade, Albania saw a boom in construction and rise of informal settlements in urban, suburban and rural areas. Actually Albanian citizens are more than ever conscious of the recent past developments and there is a wide consensus on building cities and territories which are healthier and greener. The very dynamic development of Albanian landscape needs qualified landscape architects. The history of Landscape Architecture programs has shown that its roots go back to horticulture. In developing landscape architecture programs, Albania should follow the best examples of other countries and, as a candidate country; it should try to be in line with European Union developments. In this paper we present our efforts to overcome the obstacles presented by the educational system in Albania through curricula that promotes creative, critical and systems thinking and where studio classes, research and practice have a special place.
Keywords :
Bachelor degree, Landscape architecture, education, history, studio based

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