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Phonetics and Phonology: An Analysis of Effects of Phonological Similarities on Working Memory
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Nabila Waheed, Shakeel Ahmad
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Bridge Center
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The current paper assumes the very interesting phenomenon that is “effects of phonological-similarity on working memory”. Phonological-similarity effect is a whole term that asserts that to recall dissimilar items from working memory is much easier than to recall similar items. To prove this assertion, we will do a research on the students of university level. We are using Coltheart’s model. There will be two trials, list of similar items will give to students for ten second and then ask them to recall the words and write them on the page. The same procedure will do again with the list of dissimilar items. The data will analysis through statistical techniques. To put our results in a nut shell it is clearly stated that dissimilar items enchase the accuracy of retrieval and the very word “similar” in the “phonological-similarity” must be “re-considered”.
Keywords :
phonetics, phonology, phonological similarities, working memory

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