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CDIO - An Educational Framework Innitiative for Undergraduate Programmes Training Improvements: A Feasible and Effective Choice For Ha Tinh University
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Hai-Ngoc Tran, Van-Nhan Phan
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Bridge Center
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The CDIO, initiated by Massachusetts Institute of Technology in USA, is an educational framework for training engineers. The framework stresses the engineering fundamentals in the context of Conceiving - Designing - Implementing - Operating real-world systems and products. The model has been adopted by CDIO collaborators and has expanded its scope to well-known international research institutions around the world and to other non-engineering study programs. The CDIO model is regarded as a potential approach to improve training quality and satisfy increasing requirements of employers based on determining graduates’ education standards, and to develop training programs and plans. At Ha Tinh Univerisity, Vietnam, the CDIO innitiative has been applied since the school year 2016-2017 in different undergraduate study programs including engineering and non-engineering ones and it has proved to be rather effective.
Keywords :
CDIO, education standard, higher education, training quality

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