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Feasibility Study of Hydrofoils Implementation in an Emergency Speedboat
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Tássia Carolina Forasteiro Pinto, Eliana Brandão da Silva, Diego Bandeira de Melo Akel Thomaz, Arlindo Pires Lopes
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Bridge Center
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Abstract :
The Emergency Vessels are speedboats for first aid services in several communities adjacent to Manaus, which access is restricted to the fluvial transports. Although these vessels have improved life in these communities, there is still a need for travel time reduction and making the system more efficient, as problems with service delays and fuel shortages are recurring, leaving communities without this access. Vessel fuel consumption is directly associated with the drag that is experienced when navigating at the given speed. Therefore, to make the optimization of this transports, the present project aimed to model a vessel in 1:10 scale, and to perform tests using computational and extrapolation methods. With the given results, the implementation of hydrofoils was proposed as means of optimization.
Keywords :
Drag; computational experiments; experimental test; hydrofoils.

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