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The Impact of Tourism on Economic Growth in Kosovo
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Alberta Tahiri, Idriz Kovaci, Fari Bushi, Bislim Lekiqi
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Bridge Center
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Tourism is an economic activity that is oriented to the utilization of tourist potentials. With the difficulties that had passed in different stages in the Republic of Kosovo, the development of this activity has reached along with the economic development of the country. The Republic of Kosovo has sufficient resources to develop some types of tourism, which can be used as attractive places for tourists, both domestic and international, who assist the economic development in Kosovo. The central tourist region of Prishtina, that of the Albanian Alps, the tourist region of Sharr, Mitrovica and Anamorava, is considered as the five main tourist regions in Kosovo that also affect economic development. Our research aimed at studying the impact of tourism on economic growth in Kosovo. In this study, 250 subjects were surveyed, dividing from 50 subjects from 5 tourist centers in Kosovo, the central tourist region of Prishtina, the Albanian Alps, Sharri, Mitrovica and Anamorava regions, considered to be the top five tourist regions in Kosovo. The respondents are from 26 to 64 years of age. The methodology of this study was used to integrate quantitative and qualitative methods. The collected data were analyzed using the Statistical Sacks for Social Sciences (SPSS). The findings of this study have shown that tourism is one of the main priorities of economic development, because through tourism we can absorb more foreign investment and could attract more foreign investors, how can this be the attraction when tourists visit various aspects of wealth and natural beauty, free labor force as well as legal and managerial security, as well as a sound economic education in the Republic of Kosovo.
Keywords :
Tourism, Economic Development, Republic of Kosovo, Types of Tourism, Tourist Places.

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