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Segmentation of Market, Its Methods and Market Environment
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Idriz Kovaci, Fari Bushi, Alberta Tahiri, Arbresha Meha
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Bridge Center
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In general terms, marketing is the sum of all decisions and activities undertaken by sellers to convince buyers to believe that a particular product or service will best fit their needs, out of the broad range of available products and services on the market. It involves finding out what customers want, offering the product that meets their needs, identifying the best locations for products selling, informing potential customers for the availability of the product, the actual sale, and the evaluation of customers’ satisfaction from using the purchased product. Marketing of tourist products and services is a crucial element in meeting the needs and desires of tourists and visitors. Establishing tourism development and a marketing plan is the first rule for a successful tourism. The plan should include: development of tourism products, improvements and evaluations, brand repositioning, attractions and events, hosting and tourist services, marketing and public relations, public and private partnerships, recruitment and engagement and marketing specialists to provide new ideas. Developing a good tourism marketing plan requires good understanding of the market environment, identification of the different market segments and addressing their particular needs, interests and desires. There are several methods to conduct market segmentation, as an essential step in designing a travel package that accommodates the individual needs and interests of modern tourists.
Keywords :
Tourism, marketing, tourism marketing, promotion, market environment, market segmentation

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