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Competencies Management for Creating Effective Strategies and Control as Factors for Development of the Municipality of Peja
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Fari Bushi, Mimoza Zhubi, Idriz Kovaci, Alberta Tahiri
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Bridge Center
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On the threshold of the new millennium, management competencies are a key factor for creating effective and attractive hotel offer for hotels that will be competitive in the international tourism market. Managers, as holders of the entire process of planning, organizing, motivating and controlling of hotel activities have been placed in front of the challenge to productively use their knowledge, skills, attitudes and experiences in formulating effective development strategies that will enable realization of the objectives of the hotel. They meet with new business trends, new knowledge, ideas, and perfected requirements of existing and potential tourists, their changed lifestyles and attitudes, the emergence of alternative forms of tourism. The need of quickly, but effectively decision, underline the importance of managers. Proceeding from this, the goal of the paper is through theoretical and empirical research is to consider the management skills as a factor for the development of the hotel running of the municipality of Peja. In addition, by applying the techniques of surveying and depth interview of managers and surveys of employees and hotel guests will see the positives, but also the shortcomings of the hotel offer in terms of managerial competence. Based on the findings, recommendations will be given for improving management competencies and through them the hotel offer the municipality of Peja.
Keywords :
managerial competencies, knowledge, skills, personal characteristics, innovation, tourism market, hotel offer, competitiveness, municipality of Peja.

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