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Management of Secondary School Teachers’ Talent and Qualification Heterogeneity and Effective Administration of Secondary Schools in Rivers State
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Victoria Uloma Amadi, U.J. Nwogu
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Bridge Center
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Abstract :
This study investigated management of secondary school teachers’ heterogeneity in talent and qualification and effective administration of secondary schools in Rivers State. The Pearson Product Moment Correlation tools was used to answer research questions and for hypotheses testing at 0.05 significance level. The population composed of all the 261 government owned secondary schools with 7619 teachers which were the respondents. A sample of 355 respondents were used which signified 93% of the population. Stratified random sampling method and Taro Yamen Formula were used for sampling. Research instrument titled managing teachers’ heterogeneity and Effective Administration Questionnaire (MTHAQ) was used in collecting data. The questionnaire items which yielded a reliability coefficient of 0.89 for heterogeneity management items and 0.78 on administrative performance was used as instrument. Person Product Moment Correlation Statistics and Multiple regression was used for analyzing the research questions and test of hypotheses at 0.05 significant level. Research outcomes indicated that significant relationship exists between teachers’ talent and qualification heterogeneity management and effective administration of secondary schools in Rivers State. Based on the findings, the study recommended that education administrators should be given professional development trainings that will enhance their skills and ability to manage heterogeneity among teachers in Rivers State.
Keywords :
Management, Teachers Heterogeneity, Talent, Qualification, Effective Administration.

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