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A study on barriers in learning the English subject faced by students of public sector secondary schools of Quetta city
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Sobia Afridi, Aliya Ayub, Safia Masood, Sadiqa Saud, Shazleen Afridi, Naheeda Jalal
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Bridge Center
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The present study was designed to investigate the barriers in learning the English subject by students of public sector secondary schools of Quetta city. The study was limited to secondary level. This study was carried out in Quetta city Baluchistan, Pakistan. It was observed that the secondary school students have been facing several barriers in learning English subject. It was also observed that in recent times the government tries to equip teachers with the best possible training, but the situation is still not up to the mark. The participants of the study were 140 students, including 70 girls and 70 boys and 60 English teachers (n=30) were male and (n= 30) were females, Students and teachers were administered through two different questionnaire, the collected data were analyzed through SPSS by applying ANOVA and T-test; it was revealed that students still felt difficulties in speaking, listening, reading and writing English because teachers are not applying appropriate methods for teaching English subject.
Keywords :
Barrier, secondary school students, second language

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