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Governance Indicators and Export Performance: Evidence from East African Community (EAC)
Author Name :
Abdikarim Bashir Jama, Abdifatah Mohamed Musse
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Bridge Center
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Abstract :
The paper investigates the impact of governance indicators for the export performance of East African Community (EAC), voice and accountability, political stability and regulatory quality are presented in an augmented gravity model with a panel data set over 2010-2017. All institutional variables display a highly significant association except regulatory quality that becomes insignificant with EAC exports, with voice and accountability having the largest effect. Therefore, to conclude the governments should give high precedence to develop broad policy reforms that encourage trade within the region and at the global level to enhance EAC global competitiveness position.
Keywords :
Export Performance, Regulatory Quality, Political Stability, Voice and Accountability, Labor Force Participation Rate

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