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The impact of leader’s emotional intelligence on employee organizational behavior: Mediating role of employee motivation
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Fahad Alam, Lai Yifei, Minhal Raza, Kamran Khan
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Bridge Center
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Organizational leaders need to recognize the cognitive characteristics of effective leadership. This paper demonstrates the impact of leaders’ emotional intelligence on employee organizational behavior. Existing literature highlights the need to explore the mechanism by which a leader’s emotional intelligence influences employee optimistic behavior. Thus, the aim of this research is to find out the role of a leader’s emotional intelligence on employee retention, personal development and organizational commitment in insurance sectors in Pakistan. A survey has been organized to gather the data from managers and employees from the five insurance sectors. The data was collected through a questionnaire by using simple random sampling. A total of 206 questionnaires were considered out of 220 for the data analysis in different branches. Data analysis was carried out by using Partial Least Square (PLS) 3.27. Results reveal that the leader’s emotional intelligence plays a positive role in employee behavior and employee motivation strengthens the relationship between a leader’s emotional intelligence and employee behavior.
Keywords :
Leaders emotional intelligence, Employee motivation, retention, Personal development, Organization commitment.

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