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Political instability and FDI inflows in Pakistan: An empirical analysis
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Muhammad Naeem, Sajid Ali, Hameed Khan, Hashmat Ullah Khan, Muhammad Abbas Khan
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Bridge Center
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During the past couple of decades, the process of globalization, through the cross-countries investment and trade, play a vital role in uplifting many of the emerging economies from the vicious circle of poverty and economic development. However, FDIs (foreign direct investments) are the kinds of fixed investments, which are irreversible during the short-run, and are affected by the socio-political environment of the host countries. Pakistan passed through a series of political crisis; the results may be expected negative for foreign investment. We find that Pakistan with long term military based political stability attract a large amount of foreign capital. The findings suggest that 1% political stability contribute about 3.55% increases in the FDI. This study is an attempt to explore the relationship between political instability and FDI in Pakistan.
Keywords :
political instability, FDI inflows, Pakistan

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