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Managing Nursing Brain Drain from Pakistan
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Uzma Firdos, Raja Sajjad Asghar, Sadia Ashraf
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Bridge Center
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Background: A developing country like Pakistan cannot afford nursing brain drain because it has a grave consequence of nursing shortage, which greatly affect the efficiency of the healthcare system of Pakistan. This study investigates the ways to manage nursing brain drain from Pakistan. Methodology: Descriptive exploratory qualitative study design was used to investigate the ways to handle this imperative issue. For this purpose, 11 key informants of nursing profession were interviewed by using semi-structured questionnaire. The researcher interviewed the key informants of nursing profession and policy makers of health care system personally by using a semi structured questionnaire. Results: The findings indicated that inadequate salary package is a greater push factor for nurse’s brain drain and salaries should be increased. Service structure is another push factor behind nurses’ migration. It should be revised and there should be proper service structure for graduate (BScN) and postgraduate (MScN) nurses. Likewise, public image should be improved and nursing leaders should raise voice on the behalf of nursing community to transform the public image of nursing profession in order to enhance their self-esteem. Sanctioned seats for nurses should be increased so that the majority of nurses get chance for government jobs within country while opportunities for higher education should be increased. Lastly findings of policy makers’ interview also indicated that nursing profession needs good policy makers as migration is the fundamental right of every human being it cannot be stopped by force, salary and other incentives. Discussion: The findings of the study showed that provision of good salary packages, favorable working environment and job facilities, promotion on merit and financial support in the form of scholarships for higher education can stop nursing brain drain from Pakistan.
Keywords :
Handling – Brain Drain, Suggestions

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