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Past Manuscript List:
Volume:  I
A Study on Depression among Working and Non- working Women of Gujrat, Pakistan
Bushra Akram, Fazeelat Khuwaja

Maltreatment among Deaf, their Non-Disabled Siblings and Hearing Children: Prevalence and Prevention
Bushra Akram, Sameera Shafiq

Total Quality Management Approaches in Libraries for Quality Enhancement of Higher Education in Pakistan- An Emerging Trend
Uzma Akhtar

Spatio-Temporal Variations in Vegetation Greenness Using NDVI Data and Hydro-Meteorological Conditions in the Foot-Hill Areas of Arunachal Himalayas
Md. Eahya Al Huda, Surendra Singh

Gilbert-Johnson-Keerthi Algorithm for Computing the Shortest Distance between Two 2D Convex Hull Polygons Based on Andrew’s Monotone Chain Hull Algorithm
Asia Mahdi Naser Alzubaidi, Mais Saad Al-Saoud

The Effect of One Season Vigorous Activity on the Rate of Carbonyl Protein in Blood Plasma in Active Women
Fatemeh Amidi, Parvaneh Nazarali, Mohammad Reza Kordi, Bijan Goodarzi

Future Planning: The Implications of Low Fertility and Rapidly Ageing Population on Educational Planning in Barbados
Collette M. Applewhaite

The Effects of One Session Aerobic with Anaerobic Exercise on Plasma Protein Carbonyl in Karate Girls
Nooshin Ataei, Ahmad Hematfar, Seyed Ali Hosseini

Requirements, Hardware and Software Description of Server AVL Triola (AVLT) for Tracking from the Distance and Managing the Transportation Vehicle Float for Passengers and Goods
Muhamet Avdyli

Dementia, Psychological Wellbeing, and Life Satisfaction among Old People Staying in Vrudhhashram and Old People Staying with Family
C.O. Badgujar, K. B. Kotalwar

Market Intelligence Electronic Payments in Albanian – A Customer Payment Choice
Genti Beqiri

A Study on Social Intelligence in Relation to Scholastic Achievement of Student Teachers of B.Ed. and TTI
M. Brindhamani, T. Manichander

The Teaching of Students with Special Educational Needs, SEN, in Hong Kong
Charles Ko Ka Shing

Growth Pattern Analysis of Khagrachari Pourashava
Kutub Uddin Chisty, Md.Kamrul Islam, Mostakim Ali, Shahjalal Misuk

Life Experience of People in Insurgency Affected Area
Rajkumari Nonibala Devi, P.C.Joshi

Collaborative Learning among the Pupil - Teachers Influences their Practical Knowledge of Computers: An Action Research Report
Seema Dhawan

The Impact of Microfinance on Poverty Reduction (A case study of Okara, Southern Punjab, Pakistan)
Zeeshan Fareed, Farrukh Shahzad, Muhammad Arshad, Rab Nawaz Lodhi, Umm-E-Amen

An Examination of the Role of Sound in Defining the City in the Context of Edinburgh
Samantha Vettese Forster, Scott Gowans, Jed Case, Koralia Maciej

Infant Botulism Effect of Clostridium and the Involvement of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS): Review
Andri Frediansyah

Astragalus Species and their Bioecological Features Spread in the Arajig Mountain of Julfa Region
Dashgyn Ganbarov

Plagiarism and Anti-Plagiarism Software
Mukta Garg, Ved Singh

Culinary Tourism and Livelihood Strategies in North East India: Potentiality and Prospects
Rupam Gogoi, Bubu Boruah

Honour Killings within the Context of Right to Life An Analysis
Aneeda Jan

A Research Note: A Multi-perspective, Systems-based (MPSB) Framework on Information Systems/ Information Technology (IS/IT) Project Appraisal
Joseph Kim-Keung Ho

Western and Eastern Concepts of Happiness
Tanmay L. Joshi

A Victorian Extension of Sons and Lovers: a Marxist Perspective
Azer Banu Kemaloglu, Sercan Hamza Baglama

A Study of the Problems of the Out of School Children in Urban Slums
Nida Khan

The Comparison of the Effect of Eight Weeks of Pilates and Stabilization Exercises on Pain and Functional Disability of Women with Chronic Low Back Pain
Salimeh Mamashli, Reza Mahdavinejad, Bijan Goodarzi

Information Science Education in Ethiopia - an overview -
T. Moly Mathew

Work and Text: An Analysis of Barthes’ Seminal Essays
K. Aravind Mitra

Code of Awareness about HIV/AIDS
Muhammad, Nafees Bacha, Muhammad Rizwan, Muhammad Irshad, Anwar Saeed, Fazal-U-Samad, Alam Zeb Khan, Tauseef Ahmad

Substance Use and Violent Behaviour of Students in Nasarawa State University, Keffi – Nigeria
Augustine Bala Nalah, Godiya Audu

A Case Study of Iranian EFL Teachers' Perceptions of Communicative Language Teaching Approach
Samira Nikian

Use of Simulation in Teaching Language Skills
Meenu Pandey

Relationship between Some of the Lower Extremity Deformities with Static and Dynamic Balance in Female Students of Dorud Islamic Azad University
Akram Pashnameh, Rahim Mirnasouri, Bijan Goodarzi

The Influence of Hatha Yoga on Birth Outcomes of First-time Mothers
Irin D. Praveen, Jaya Mohan Raj, Kannan T.

The Relationship between Organizational Trust and Organizational Citizenship Behavior in Physical Education Teachers
Fatemeh Rafieian, Majid Soleimani, Reza Sabounchi

Forging Closer Diplomatic Ties with Muslim Countries: Ferdinand E. Marcos’ Foreign Policy Legacy with the Middle East
Archie B. Resos

Supporting the Adult Learners in the Open Distance Learning Model: an Analysis Using SEM
Lum Li Sean

Sufis Behaviour towards Non-Muslims
Mohammad Zaher Shah, Asmat Ullah Wazir

Calculations of Energies of Atoms (H, He) by Variational Method in Linear and Nonlinear Approximations
Syed Naseem Hussain Shah, V.E. Arkhincheev, G. S. Akram Ali Shah, Saif Ur Rehman, Syed Rehan Ali, Yasmeen Bibi

South Asian Literature as a Medium of Socio-Political Satire: A Case Study Analysis of Moni Mohsin's The Diary of a Social Butterfly
Zareena Saeed, Areej Shahid, Inam Ul Haq

Indian Retail Policy and Changing Consumer Behaviour
Rachana Sharma

Redefining the (Post) Colonial Other
Mahesh Sharma

a-Glucosidase and Pancreatic Lipase Inhibitory Activity of SALCITAL-Plus – A Standardized Extract of Salacia reticulata
Hebbani Nagarajappa Shivaprasad, Bhanumathy Mariyanna, Divanji Manohar, Subrata Pandit, Shariq Afsar Thandu, Vishal Jain, Pavan Kumar B

Structure Based Virtual Screening and Docking Studies of the Replicase Gene of Banana Bunchy Top Virus
V. G. Shobhana, M. Sudha, S. Elayabalan, S. Geetha, K. R. V. Sathya Sheela, V. G. Brindha

Changing Weather of Indian Thar Desert
Balwan Singh, Mahima

Accessibility and Affordability of Drugs under Trips: Ways to Address Public Health Concerns in Developing Nations
Rajesh Kumar Sinha

Regional Disparities in Socio-Economic Development – A Statistical Evaluation of Kashmir Valley, J&K
Tawheed Yousuf, Tawseef Yousuf, T.A.Raja

A Debate on Pakistan’s Education Policy of 2009 with Special Reference to English Language Teaching: Drawbacks and Negation of Ground Realities
Zohaib Zahid, Mamuna Ghani, Ameer Khan, Akbar Ali

An Association of Learners’ Attitude with Anxiety: Effects and Implications
Zohaib Zahid, Mamuna Ghani

Effect of Temperature Regimes on the Germination Testing of Cotton (Gossypium hirsutum L.) Germplasm
Muhammad Amir Zia, Shaukat Ali, Muhammad Anwar, Arshad Iqbal, Ghulam Muhammad Ali

Measuring Specialization of Authors Using Kumaravel’s Prepotency Index – A case study of Fibromyalgia
A.Manoharan, J.P.S. Kumaravel, T.S. Seethalakshmi, E.M. Manimala

Importance of Culture in Success of International Marketing
Manzoor Ahmed, Shafi Ullah, Aftab Alam

Role of female identity in the ancient Indian Stories
Ashok Yakkaldevi

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