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Volume:  II
System of Prescription Management
Elham Mohammed Thabit Abdalameer

E-Archiving Management System: Analysis, Design, and Implementation (A Case Study at Computer Center, Thi-Qar University)
Meeras Salman Juwad Al-Shemarry, Elham Mohammed Thabit Abdalameer, Dawood Sallem Hussian

Observation as a Reflective Model for Novice and Experienced Teachers to Enhance Effective Teaching
Semmoud Abdellatif

Education in Central Asia -With Special Reference to the Czarist Period-
Darakhshan Abdullah

Cybercrime in Albania: A Discourse on Law, Policy and Practice
Bledar Abdurrahmani

The Postmodern Self in Morrison’s Sula and Beloved
Tidita Ahmetaga (Abdurrahmani)

An Analysis of Angular Velocity at Various Joints for inside Instep Soccer Kick by Different Level Players
Mohammad Ahsan Katarina Toga Ruru

Fish Fauna of River Arunai Matta Swat, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Pakistan
Naveed Akhtar, Shahroz Khan, Kausar Saeed, Jehangir Khan, Bakht Tareen Khan, Zaheer Ahmad

Prevalence of Tuberculosis in Tehsil Matta Swat Khyber Pakhtunkhwa
Naveed Akhtar, Shahroz Khan, Kausar Saeed, Jehangir Khan, Bakht Tareen Khan, Zaheer Ahmad

Clinical, Epidemiological and Virological Features of Dengue Virus Infections in Tehsil Matta District Swat Patients Presenting to Primary Care Facilities with Acute Undifferentiated Fever
Naveed Akhtar, Shahroz Khan, Kausar Saeed, Jehangir Khan, Bakht Tareen Khan, Zaheer Ahmad

Dragonflies of Manglawar Swat Khyber Pakhtoonkhwa Pakistan
Naveed Akhtar, Shahroz Khan, Kausar Saeed, Bakht Tareen Khan, Zaheer Ahmad, Waqas Ahmad Shams

Removing Spatial Redundancy from Image by Using Variable Vertex Chain Code
Tawfiq A. Al-Asadi, Fanar Ali Joda

A Novel Method for Image Steganography Based on Texture Features
Tawfiq A. Al-Asadi, Ali Abdul Azzez Mohammad Baker

A Theoretical Approach of Corporate Entrepreneurship and its application to the Asea Brown Boveri, Sweden (ABB)
Mustafa Ahmed Ali, Isaak Alaba

Managerial Effectiveness: A Comparative Study between Managers of Private and Public Undertakings
Amjad Ali, Bhaswati Patnaik

Problems at Secondary Education Level in Public Sector of Pakistan
Khushbakht Alya

Factors Affecting the Secondary Education in Pakistan
Khushbakht Alya

Basel III Potential Impact of Implementation – The Response Of Banks
Avis Andoni

Awareness Regarding Work Simplification among Working and Non-Working Home Maker: A Comparative Study
Nabat Arfi, Shalini Agarwal

Effect of Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation on Acupoints in Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus – A Blood Glucose Analysis
Asif Arsalan

Pastorals and Agro-Pastorals Perception on Rainwater Harvesting Technology in Deboweyn Woreda, Qorahe Zone, Somali Regional State, Ethiopia
Melkam Asresie , R. Uttama Reddy

Bottom of the Pyramid: The New Marketing Mantra – A Myth or Reality
Naveen Kumar Bandari, R.Venkateshwar Rao

Rainfall Trend in Drought Prone Region in Eastern Part of Satara District of Maharashtra, India
Barakade Ankush Jagannath

Ichthyofaunal Diversity of Hub Reservoir Sindh, Balochistan, Pakistan
Abeda Begum, Afsheen Zehra

International Cooperation in Combating Organised Crime
Muhamet Berisha

Dalit Theatre: A Theatre of Protest
Hemangi Bhagwat

Comparison of Communication Apprehension in Islamic Azad University Tehran Medical Branch Students
Faezeh Sahbaei Roy, Seyedeh Nadia Blasius, Hamid Ghahremanitolabi, Mojtaba Shahmoradi, Negin Pourzadi

Finite Element Approximation for One Dimensional Parabolic Problem
Songita Boruah

Farmer’s Attitude towards Soil Conservation on Cultivated Lands: The Case of Guliso Woreda, Western Wellega Zone, Oromia Regional State, Ethiopia
Samuel Chala, R. Uttama Reddy

Change Detection in Land Use and Land Cover Using Remote Sensing Data and GIS in Renuka Forest Division
Jagdish Chand

Effect of Confinement Stress on Milk Yield in Dairy Cows
D. M. Chisowa, E. M. Syampaku, C. Z. Malakwa

A Sociological Study on Hybrid Rice
Gopal Kumar Choudhary

Isolation of Enterotoxin- Producing S.areus from Hospital Food Handlers, Makkah, Saudi Arabia
Anas S. Dablool

James Baldwin’s Dialectical Approach to Christianity
Rashed Ahmad A. Allah Daghamin

Moorish Character in Lorca’s Plays “The Blood Wedding”, “The House of Bernarda Alba” and “Yerma”
Malik Haqnawaz Danish

Focalization in “When We Leave”
Malik Haqnawaz Danish

Indigenous Medicinal Plants of Village Mithakhel, District Karak, Pakistan
Muhammad Daud, Basreen Akhtar, Saadullah, Imran Khan, Hasnain Nangyal, Zenat Fatima Khattak, Ghazi Rehman, Nadeem Ullah Hussain Ahmad, Hidayat Ullah, Jafar Khan

Management of the Industrial Park in Kosovo
Agim Derguti

Removal of Pollutants from Sewage through Constructed Wetland using Pennisetum purpureium
V. P. Dhulap, S. S. Patil

Planning and Organizing: Determinants of Job Performance among Football Club Coaches in F.C.T. Abuja
A.A. Donatus , F.C. Ugwueze , M. B. Emmanual

Malaria in Pregnant Women Attending Antenatal Clinic at Ed-Duweim Hospital, Sudan
Abdelsafi A Gabbad, Amira I Ahmed, Mohammed A Elawad

Development of Insilico Based Molecular Marker Systems in Medicinal Plants of India: Future Prospects
Baniekal Hiremath Gangadhar, Rajesh Singh Tomar, Anurag Jyoti, Vikas Srivastva, Shuchi Kaushik, Raghvendra Kumar Mishra

Conjectures about the Rise of Metropolitan Regions: Sustainable Urban Mobility and Regional Development
Saikat Gochhait, Fabrício Moraes De Almeida

The Relationahip between Procedural Justice, Organizational Trust and Organizational Affective Commitment: A Conceptual Model
Ghazala Haider, Zainal Ariffin Ahmad, Haider Ali Malik

UNCITRAL - with a Special Glance Model Law and Arbitration
Fatmir Halili, Sheqir Kutllovci

Economic Analysis of Saffron Cultivation in Kashmir Valley of India
Imtiyaz-Ul-Haq, Sahina Shafi

A Research Note on the Concept of the Multi-perspective, Systems-based (MPSB) Cognitive Filter for Management
Joseph Kim-Keung Ho

A Review of the Multi-perspective, Systems-based (MPSB) Research with an MPSB Knowledge Supply Chain Framework
Joseph Kim-Keung Ho

Sexual Harassment in Academia: Perceptions and Understanding about Sexual Harassment among University Female Students in Pakistan
Humaira Inayat , Asma Zafar

The Status of Women, Keeping in View the Holy Quran, Verse 4:34
Nayab Javed, Asma Zafar, Irum Rubab

Infrastructural Necessity in Private Technical Educational Institutions
Sushmita Jha, Brijesh Goswami

Studies on Biochemical Characterization, Antibiotics Sensitivity and in-silico Validation of a Real-Time PCR Array for Detection of Escherichia coli in Street Vended Food of Jaipur
H. Kotadiya, M. Sharma, H. Singh, A. N. Pathak, A. Jyoti

Emotional Intelligence: A Review of Researches
Abhishek Kanhai

Determinants of Entrepreneurial Tendencies among Tanzanian University Graduates: A Case of University of Dar-es-Salaam
Mangasini Atanasi Katundu, Damian Mulokozi Gabagambi

Text to Speech Software for Improving Pronunciation of Graduation Level Students
Ayesha Khalid, Muhammad Asif Ikram Anjum

Impact of Web 2.0 Technology on Learning in Higher Education: An Experimental Study
Ayesha Khalid, Rehana Masrur

Nuclearisation in South Asia with Special Reference to Cold Start Doctrine a Limited War Option : An Analysis
Muhammad Ashiq Khan, Syed Mussawar Hussain Bhukhari

Testing the Role of Nuclear Weapons in Pak-India Strategic Relations in Nuclearised South Asia during Crises from the Brasstacks Crisis (1986-87) to Mumbai attacks (2008)
Muhammad Ashiq Khan, Syed Mussawar Hussain Bhukhari

Extrinsic and Intrinsic Factors Affecting Second Language Learners in Pakistan
Iram Shehzadi, Tenzila Khan, Saleha Nazeer

Community Based Tourism towards Sustainable Tourism Development: A Case Study of the Stakeholders in the River Island Majuli
Jecob Konwar, Deb Kr. Chakraborty

Female Literacy Status of Urban Slums Communities in Andhra Pradesh
Ch. Subha Kumar, K. Ravindra

Awareness among Primary School Teachers Regarding the Right to Education Act, 2009
Sudha Kumari, Mohammad Allam

Credit Risk Analysis for SME Bank Financing – Albanian Case
Evis Kumi

A Non Parametric Study of a Voluntary Separation Scheme (Vss) in an Iranian Organization
Majid Serpoosh, Haider Ali Malik, Ghazala Haider

Dialogue Journal Keeping to Scaffold Five-Paragraphing Writing
Rita Wong Mee Mee , Lim Seong Pek

Learned Preferences of Health Seeking Behaviour and Utilization of RSBY Card
Pratibha J. Mishra , Ajeesh Sebastian

From Exclusion to Cohesion - Critical Reviews on Fundamental Social Issues
Prasamita Mohanty

Study of the Sleep Disturbances in Children with Autism Spectrum Disorder
Imran Mushtaq, Praveen Suman

Attitude of Parents and Teachers Towards Care and Inclusion of Children with Special Needs
Imran Mushtaq, Praveen Suman,Taruna Namrata Arora Charpe

Maternal Stress in Mothers of Children with Cerebral Palsy
Imran Mushtaq, Praveen Suman

Multicasting in Adhoc Networks Using MAODV Protocol
Ali Mustafa Saad Zahid, Ahmed Qaddus Aamir Ali Raza

Digital Social Networks for Video Sharing
Fabio Machado De Oliveira ,Carlos Henrique Medeiros De Souza , Sérgio Arruda De Moura, Bruna Moraes Marques,Fabrício Moraes De Almeida

ICT Usage by Women in Albania and its Potential to Promote Gender Equality in Governance and Decision-Making Processes
Valmira Osmanaj, Bashkim Ruseti

Comenius School Partnerships Projects Student Evaluation Scale
Mustafa Özmusul

An Epidemiological Study on Prevalence and Pattern of Traumatic Ocular Injuries in a Teaching Hospital in Northern India
Mohd Dilawar Mir, Asif Jehan, Syed Shuja Qadri, Humaira Bashir, Syed Farhat Abir, Syed Abir Hussian

A Clinical Evaluation of Multifocal versus Monofocal Intraocular Lenses after Cataract Extraction in a Tertiary Care Hospital in India
Asif Jehan, Syed Shuja Qadri, Mohd Dilawar Mir, Syed Farhat Abir, Syed Abir Hussian

Return of Investment through Database
Jusuf Qarkaxhija

Portfolio Management and Disposition Effect. Empirical Evidence From Pakistan
Muhammad Wajid Raza, Kalim Ullah, Hassan M Mohsin

Conflicts between the Conservation of Elephant and Human Activities: in the Case of Babile Elephant Sanctuary (BES), Ethiopia
R. Uttama Reddy, Sintayehu Workeneh

Exploring Problems and Feedback on Teaching Practice of Prospective Teachers in Institutions of Education and Research University of the Punjab
Muhammad Saeed, Uzma Perveen

Gender Equality and Empowerment of Women: Key To Economic Development -An Indian Perspective-
Rajat K. Sant, Alka Dutt

Role of Microfinance in Economic Development and Impact on Different Communities
Rajat K. Sant

Prevalence of Escherichia coli in Different Milk Products from Lahore, Pakistan
Abid Sarwar, Sami Ullah, Khalid Ali, Muhammad Ali, Mehmood Hussain Qazi

Impact of E-government in the Performance of Civil Servants
Lulzim Shabani

Social Capital, Migration and Tourism: Globalizing Albanian Society
Matilda Likaj Shaqiri

Improving Scientific Attitude among Students at Primary Level
Harminder Kaur Suri

Early Diagnosis of Cervical Carcinoma through Serum Biochemistry
Rajesh Singh Tomar, Shuchi Kaushik, Neha Sharma, Neelima, Shrivastava , Archana Shrivastav

Metaverse: New Concepts of Teaching in the Digital Age
Elizangela Tonelli, Carlos Henrique De Souza Medeiros, Fabrício Moraes De Almeida

The Impact of Electronic Media on Urban Female
Shakir Ullah, Madad Ali, Muhammad Nisar, Tahir Farid

Performance of Candidate Varieties of Basmati Rice in National Uniform Yield Trials
Muhammad Yousuf Abdul Majid Abdul Rehman, Sartaj Khan, Nazia Hassan Niaz Ali

Sexual Harassment in Academia: University Female Student’s Experiences and Reporting of Sexual Harassment in Pakistan
Asma Zafar, Humaira Inayat

The Social and Cultural Adjustment of Nepalese Students in Pakistan
Faraha Zaka, Asma Zafar, Humaira Inayat

Community Cohesion Discourse in Britain: Managing Ethnic Diversity
Hassen Zriba

Molecular Markers in Plants for Analysis of Genetic Diversity: A Review
Muhammad Idrees, Muhammad Irshad

Privatisation of School Education: A Social Welfare Program or Industry for Profit
Arvind Kumar

Hand Pumps’ Water Quality Analysis for Drinking and Irrigation Purposes at District Dir Lower, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Pakistan
Sana Ullah, Muhammad Akmal, Fawad Aziz, Sana Ullah, Karim Johar Khan

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