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Volume:  II
IV Of  July
Text Encryption Based on Singular Value Decomposition
Nidhal K. El Abbadi, Adil Mohamad Al Rammahi, Mohammed Abdul-Hameed, Dheiaa Shakir

Automatic Segmentation and Indexing Image Colors
Nidhal Khdhair El Abbadi, Lamis Al Saadi

Trend Analysis and Forecasting of Maize Area and Production in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Pakistan
Saleem Abid, Irum Raza, Alamgir Khalil, M. Nisar Khan, Saqib Anwar, M. Asif Masood

The Effectiveness of TBL in EFL Learners’ Performance in Pakistan
Nadia Akhtar, Tenzila Khan, Shumaila Kiran

Rehabilitation and Care Staff: An Anthropological Analysis of Emotionally Disturbed Patients in Treatment Vicinity in Lahore, Pakistan
Qurat Ul Ain Ali, Abid Ghafoor Chaudhry, Aftab Ahmed, Haris Farooq

An Exploration of Corporate Entrepreneurship Strategies & Theories and Their Practice to the Business Case Study of Koenigsegg Automotive AB
Mustafa Ahmed Ali, Ratanaporn Vorasuntharosoth

Status of English in India: An Evaluation of “Code mixing” in Indian Urdu Songs
Iqra Liaqat Ali, Muhammad Umair Yousaf, Nouman Sidhu, Maria Raja Tahir, Adnan Zaheer

Indian Higher Education, Private Sector and the National Policy of Education
Mohammad Allam

Selective Image Encryption with 3D Chaotic Map
Asia Mahdi Naser Alzubaidi

Raag Darbari as a Rural Dystopia
Shaifta Ayoub

Cases of “Domestication” and “Foreignization” in the Translation of Urdu Short Story into English: A Preliminary Inquiry
Shaifta Ayoub

Democracy as a Source of Human Rights
Ferit Baça

The Data Quality Management
Mustapha Benmahane

Estimating Variation in the Production, Quality and Economics of Onion in Response to Transplanting Dates and Sulphur Fertilization
Navaldey Bharti, R. B. Ram

Patriarchy and the Children’s Resistance in Weed and Matilda
Prasanta Chakraborty

Drivers of Competitiveness of Indian Auto Component Industry: An ISM Approach
Syed Khusro Chishty

Comparative analysis of level of service between Muradpur - Dewanhat & Agrabad - CEPZ links with identification of the contributing factors
Panini Amin Chowdhury

Assessment of Magnitude of Malnutrition and Related Health Problems in Cold Desert Ladakh-India
Rouf Ahmad Dar, G. M. Rather

Effectiveness of Nimbecidine for the Control of Pulse Beetle, Callosobruchus Chinensis on Stored Pulses
Golapi Devi

Work Life Balance of Women Workers in Construction Industry
Kalpana Devi, U. V. Kiran

Study of Mentality of Facebook Users
Tanmay S. Dixit, Tanmay L. Joshi, Pooja Desmukh

Analysis of Problems Faced by the Working Women in Non-Government Organizations (A Case Study of District Mardan-KPK)
Farman Elahi, Attaullah Shah

Devolution: A Case of Federalization in Pakistan
Abid Ghafoor Chaudhry, Aftab Ahmed, Haris Farooq

The Effects of an Acute Bout of Exhaustive Treadmill Exercise on Malondialdehyde Level in the Rat Skeletal Muscle
Bijan Goodarzi, Amir Khosravi

Curiosity among Normal and Disabled Children
Sonali Gupta, Shalini Agarwal

Public Opinion about the Pension Reform in Albania
Aida Guxho, Areti Stringa

Impact of Increased Cellphone Usage in Youth
Muhammad Ahsan Ul Haq, Irum Sajjad Dar, Qura-Tul-Ain

Nutritional Status and Hygiene Practice of Female: on the Basis of Socio-Economic Variation
Monoarul Haque, Mohammad Abu Naser, Khaleda Islam, Shah Billal Masum, Suman Kumar Roy, Monirul Haqe

Nutritional Evaluation of Grewia optiva and Grewia populifolia in Different Seasons and Sites of Chakwal District in Pakistan
Maaz Maqsood Hashmi, Kanwal Waqar

Assessment of Highest Germination Rate of Native Legume Tree Species
Maaz Maqsood Hashmi, Kanwal Waqar, Saqib Shakeel Abbassi

Synthesis, characterization and antimicrobial activity of transition metal complexes with Schiff base derived from 1, 2-diphenylethane-1, 2-dione with o-phenylenediamine and benzophenone
Parveez Gull, Athar Adil Hashmi

Prevalence of Major Medical Disorders in Pregnancy in a Tertiary Care Hospital in North India
Samiera Hassan, Jan Mohammad Sheikh, Bilquees Amin, Mohammad Dilawar Mir, Hilal Ahmad Dar

An Elaboration of a Systems-based Housing Imagination Evaluation Framework for Research and Pedagogical Practices
Joseph Kim-Keung Ho

Contribution of the Palli karma Sahayak Foundation (PKSF) in Microfinance Sector in Bangladesh
Sharif Hossain

The Effect of Policies Encouraging Development of Export of Leather Exports from Exporters’ Perspective
Seyedeh Parisa Hosseini, Musa Ahmadi, Mohammad Jalili

Histological Structure of Area Postrema in Brain of Rat (Rutts Rutts)
Thekra Atta Ibrahim, Nahla A. AL-Bakri, Anam Rasheed Al-Salihi

Agrarian Landscape in the Delegation of Sbiba: Evaluation of Landscape Dynamics in an Agricultural Area
Hayet Ilahi, Islem Saadaoui, Christopher Robin Bryant, Hichem Rejeb

Risk Management and Internal Controls for Activities in the Department of Kosovo Customs Procurement
Naim Kamberaj, Ismail A. Mehmeti, Bashkim Arifi

Development and Evaluation of Extruded Weaning Foods
S. Kavitha and R. Parimalavalli

The Progress of Social Security Measures for Labourers in India
S. R. Keshava

Estimation of Protein, Carbohydrate, Starch and Oil Contents of Indigenous Maize (Zea mays L.) Germplasm
Aamir Hamid Khan, Nasir Mehmood Minhas, Muhammad Javaid Asad, Azhar Iqbal, Muhammad Ilyas, Raja Tahir Mahmood

Assessment of Evaluation Criteria of Students’ Academic Performance at Post Graduate Level in Pakistani Universities
Arifa Khan, Anum Shahzadi

Effect of Different Osmopriming Sources and Levels on Germination and Root Length of Sorghum
Sajjad Khan, Muahammad Ilyas, Bakth Daraz Khan, Imtiaz Ali Shah, Sajid Khan, Hamid Ullah, Hayaz Udin

Enhancing Sorghum Green Fodder Production Potential through Use of Various Sources and Levels of Osmopriming
Sajjad Khan, Muahammad Ilyas, Khurshid Anwar, Imtiaz Ali Shah, Sajid Khan, Kamran Farid and Shakoor Ahmad

The Relationship between Obesity and Fundamental Movement Motor Skills of Girls 6 to 12 Years
Mahboobeh Khangholi, Bijan Goodarzi, Roya Mahdipoor, Mazaher Zolfaghari

The Charges against Milosevic and His Attitude with the International Criminal Law
Ivas Konini

Herbal Medicine Research – A Scientometric View
J. P. S. Kumaravel, T. S. Seethalakshmi, S. Kandhimathinathan, Umarani, Karthic Rajan, E. M. Manimala

Soil Micronutrient Status of Upper Kundalika Command Area, Beed District Maharashtra
S. V. Lamture, I. B. Ghorade, S. S. Patil

Some Problems of Investigation of Traditional Local Decorative-Applied Arts of Ganja
Hasanov Elnur Latif

Does ELT ailing in India: Shift of ELT to CLT is the rescue
Reena Mittal

Segmental Phonology of Moyon
N. Ringrii Moyon

Comparison between Effect of Isometric Quadriceps Exercise and Vastus Medialis Oblique Strengthening on Quadriceps Angle and Patellar Shift in Normal Individuals
K. Mrityunjay, Deepak Chhabra

Ethno-medicinal Significance of Few Naturally Grown Plants Practices for Hepatitis in Sivasagar District of Assam, India
Dwijen Nath

The Categories of Dialectical Movements in Hegelian Logic
Diogo Gonzaga Torres Neto

Occupational Stress among Bank Employees
Niharika, U. V. Kiran

The Misalignment - Is it a Determinant of the FDI in the Developing Countries?
Abdessalem Gouider, Ridha Nouira

Web Presence, E-Government and E-Accessibility. Local Government Capability of Providing E-Government Services in Albania
Valmira Osmanaj, Bashkim Ruseti

Comparison of the Environmental Effects of Coating Technologies for Interior Wood Furniture
Franco Bulian, Elio Padoano, Dario Pozzetto, Michele Sburlino

Inter Comparison of Concurrent versus Sequential Chemo Radiation in Limited-Stage Small Cell Carcinoma of Lung in Kashmir, North India
Khursheed Ahmad Para, Hilal Ahmad Dar, Mohd Dilawar Mir, Shiekh Aejaz Aziz, Nazir Ahmad Khan, Nisar Ahmad Sheikh

Pre-Marital Sexual Anxiety among Adolescents
Arun Paul

Relationship between Self and Family Variables and Life Satisfaction of Elderly People in Urban and Semi Urban Families
Priyanka, Mishra Sunita

Transfer Function Approach to Modeling Rice Production in Bangladesh
Siddikur Rahman, Mohiuddin Hossain

Why Do Girls Experience Depression More than Boys? (Response Style Approach)
Fariborz Ravan, Hasan Aghabegi, ZahraYousefi, Mina Aminizadeh

Assessment of Impacts of Climate Change on Pastoralists in Selected Area of Ethiopia
Hadush Bayrau, R. Uttama Reddy

Bacteriological and Chemical Analysis of Drinking Water Samples from Various Household and Public Water Supplies in District Peshawar
Ghazi Rehman, Muhammad Daud, Saadullah, Sajid Iqbal, Mujtaba Hussain, Baharullah

Ethical and Social Media's Role in Achieving Students’ Goals in Teachers’ Perspective
Azam Rezai, Rasool Davodi

Students’ Attitude towards English Language Learning and Academic Achievement: A Case of Business Students in Punjab
Samar Rukh

Characterization of Landscapes in the Central- West of Tunisia: Wadis of Feriana in keeping with the Landscape of the Mountains
Islem Saadaoui, Hayet Ilahi, Christopher Robin Bryant, Hichem Rejeb

A Critical Discourse Analysis of Pakistan T.V. Advertisements
Maryam Saeed, Irum Kanwal

Biomechanical Comparison of Two Different Kicks in Soccer
Krishna Kant Sahu

Investigating Pakistani ESL Students’ Writing Problems on Convention, Punctuation and Language Use at Territory Level
Anum Shahzadie, Sabahat Mushtaq, Arifa Khan

Lipid Peroxidation Status in Different Stages of Breast Cancer Women Treated by Chemotherapy
Neha Sharma, Meenu Rai

Ambedkar’s Ideology as a Source for the Study of Dalits
M. Shashidhar

Clinical, Bacteriological and Echocardiographic Profile of Infective Endocarditis in a Tertiary Care Hospital in Northern India
Jan Mohammad Sheikh, Samiera Hassan, Irshad Ahmad Lone, Hilal Ahmad Dar, Bashir Ahmed Fomda, Khurshid Iqbal

Virtual Education in the Indian Scenario
Mahabir Singh, Amritpal Kaur

Changing Status of Women Entrepreneurs in Himachal Pradesh
Ranbir Singh, O.P. Monga

Agnee (The Fire): Portrayal of Women in Bangladeshi Cinema
Sheriff Al Sire

The Concepts of Fanonian Nationalism and Achebe
Kavitha Tandle

Status of Physical Education in Fiji: A Study of the Western Primary Schools
Katarina Toga Ruru

Evaluation of Chemical Composition, Antioxidant Property and Antimicrobial Activity of Plant Based Essential Oils
Rajesh Singh Tomar, Pooja Sharma, Raghvendra Kumar Mishra

Teaching Practice Challenges in Virtual Learning Environments and Their Motivational Aspects
Elizangela Tonelli, Bruna Moraes Marques, Carlos Henrique de Souza Medeiros, Fabrício Moraes de Almeida

The Amazon Workers: Their Ecological Working Relations with the Amazon Nature
Iraildes Caldas Torres

Image Encryption by Using RC4 Algorithm
Roojwaan S. Ismael, Rami S. Youail, Shahab Wahhab

Gender and Number in Monsang / Sirti
Koninglee Wanglar

Eco-friendly management of root-knot nematode (Meloidogyne graminicola, Golden & Brichfield) on Wheat
Abdulameer Faisal Wasmi, Sobita Simon

Acetylcholinesterase Activity in Fluorosis Adversely Affects Mental Well-being — An Experimental Study in Rural Rajasthan
Vivek Pratap Singh, Dushyant Singh Chauhan, Sandeep Tripathi, Vikas Gaur, Anurag Tomar, Mukesh Tiwari

Effect of Group Cognitive-Behavioral Training on Reducing Cognitive Dissonance and Increasing Self-esteem in Middle-aged Women
Afrooz Mousavi, Hamid Yaghubi

Screening Potential of Three Native Grass Species for Phytoremediation of Heavy Metals
V. Subhashini, A. V. V. S. Swamy

Professional Ethics Grow with Teaching Experience: A Study of Women Teachers in Higher Education Institutions of Punjab
Sanjaya Kumar, Shavneet Kaur

Effect of Mother’s Anxiety and Behavioral Disorders in Children (Case study: Female employees in Ilam province’s banks)
Shahram Mami, Elham Bastani

Human Resources Competitiveness in Modern Trade Companies
Berat Aqifi, Sasha Dukoski

Religion, Politics and Morality as Means of Development in Nigeria
Utsua T. Peter

Effectiveness of Cognitive (active and inactive) and Training on Recalling of Children with Special Mental Needs
Baharak Hamedi, Arina PourKamali, Mahnaz Nikakhlagh

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