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DRJI Value : 5.9 (B+)
Past Manuscript List:
Volume:  I
II Of  May,2013
Constructive Cultural Blocks of Entrepreneurship in the Republic of Macedonia (The Influence of Culture’s Value on Entrepreneurship)
Biljana Angelova,Violeta Tasheva

The face without man On human identities in postmodern era and on the metamorphoses of the subject
Ilinca Bernea

Youth and Transitional Justice in Kashmir
Effat Yasmin

The Effects of Simultaneous 8 Weeks Astragalus sp/ Euphorbia Cheriradenia Honey Supplementation and Endurance Training on Membrane Lipid Peroxidation of Erythrocytes after a Bout Acute Exhaustive Treadmill Exercise in Rats
Bijan Goodarzi,Amir Khosravi

On the evils of opium eating: Reflections on Nineteenth Century Assamese Literary Reformist Discourse
Kawal Deep Kour

Institutions – Entrepreneurship Nexus – Kosovo’s Perspective
Enver Krasniqi,Anisa Kume

Project Finance and Projects in the Energy Sector in Developing Countries
Ermela Kripa,Halit Xhafa

Some Critical Issues of Women Entrepreneurship in Rural India
Vijay Kumbhar

Late Eighteenth Century Women’s Fiction; Hero, Heroine & Financial Authority
Reyhane Vadidar

Agrotourism - A Sustainable Development for Rural Area of Korca
Stela Zoto, Eleina Qirici,Esmeralda Polena

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