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Volume:  II Issue:  IX Of  December,2014
Automatic Early Diagnosis of Diabetic Retinopathy Using Retina Fundus Images
Nidhal K. El Abbadi, Enas Hamood Al- Saadi

Green house screening of rice (Oryza sativa L.) germplasm against rice leaffolder (Cnaphalocrocis medinalis G.)
Ishaq Ahmad, Abdul Rehman

Schizophrenic Patients and Organic World: An Analysis of Patients’ Psychological Perception and Social Cognition
Qurat ul Ain Ali, Abid Ghafoor Chaudhry

Working Capital Management and Corporate Performance: Evidences from Textile Sector of China
Ahsan Akbar

An Analysis on Common Symptoms of Children with Autism
Shaheen Akhter, Monira Akhter, Jannatara Shefa, Khaleda Islam, Tanmi Akhter, Md Monoarul Haque

Relationship between Tiller Development and Productivity with Yield and Its Components for Wheat and Oat under the Influence of A.I.I and GA3
Faisal M. M. AL-Tahir

Effect of Women Representation in Lux Advertisement on Pakistani Women Identity
Afifa Hamid Ali, Tayyaba Naz, Humera Aftab, Malik Haqnawaz Danish

Prevalence of Sarcopenia and its Effects on the Quality of Life in Geriatrics
Dhar Anerudh, Ingole Gaurav, Warikoo Deptee

Effect of Release Time on Egg Parasitoid Trichogramma Chilonis (ISHII) Against Heliothis Armigera (HBN.)
Muhammad Irfan Arain, Imran Ali Rajput, Farhan Ahmad, Tarique Ahmad Khuhro and Imtiaz Ali Nizamani, Babar Zaman Yousufzai

Orientation Programs are Supportive to Improve the Utilization of Academic Library- with Special Reference to Library Professionals of Self Financing Engineering College at Madurai and Dindigul Districts of Tamilnadu, India
S. Aravind, P. Muthumari, K.Chinnasamy

Hydrogeochemistry Study of Madhurawada Panchayat, Visakhapatnam District, Andhra Pradesh, India
Victor Babu, G. Ashenafi Tolessa

Awareness on Web Environment in the Context of Digital Library among LIS Professionals in Chennai, India
S. Balamurugan, D. Gnanasekaran

Governmental Role at Shrine of Hazrat Bari Imam (r.a) to Facilitate Shrine Practices
Attiya Batool, Abid Ghafoor Chaudhry, Aftab Ahmed, Haris Farooq

Situation and Corporate Governance Framework in Public Enterprises in Kosovo
Metë Beqiraj, Magdalena Bregasi, Bahri Hyseni

Panic in Banking Sector - A Theoretic Approach
Leonard Boduri

Links between Non-performing Loans (NPL) and GDP Growth – Case of Albania
Leonard Boduri

Maize Fodder Yield and Nitrogen Uptake as Influenced by Farm Yard Manure and Nitrogen Rates
Mahmooda Buriro, Avinash Oad, Tahmina Nangraj, Allah Wadhayo Gandahi

Geographical Study of Forest Resources in Renuka Forest Division of Himachal Pradesh Using Geospatial Techniques
D. D. Sharma, Jagdish Chand

Amendment of Saline-Alkaline back Cotton Soil with Peg for Oryza Sativa L.
B. L. Chavan

Variability of various Climatic Factors at South West Coastal Regions in Bangladesh
Moumita Choudhury, Arghya Dyuti Sur, Md. Mazaharul Islam

Micro, Small and Medium Enterprise (MSMEs) in Mizoram: An Overview
J. Daizova, L.S. Sharma

ISIS, Sub-Continent and the Days Ahead
Zahid Fayaz Darzi

Importance of Muscle Strengthening in Treatment of Cronical Lumbal Pain
Zheralldin Durguti

Curability of Ebola Virus – A Scientometric Approach to Ebola Virus Research
S. Esakkiammal, R.Abarna, Virumapandi

Using Vis-NIR hyperspectral HYPERION data for bare soil properties mapping over Mediterranean area: plain of the Oued Milyan, Tunisia
Anis Gasmi, Cécile Gomez, Hédi Zouari, Antoine Masse, Danielle Ducrot

Lease Agreement in Theory and Practice
Skender Gojani

Utopia Turned Dystopia: An Ecocrtical Reading of Shakespeare’s As You Like It
Amrita Goswami

Portrayal of Mother in Samina Ali’s Madras on Rainy Days and Ali Sethi’s The Wish Maker
Saykar Satish Govind

Gender Disparity at Elementary Education Level in Jammu and Kashmir: An Exploratory Study
Showkeen Bilal Ahmad Gul, Zebun Nisa Khan

Appropriateness of Language Usage by Elementary School Teachers as Measured against Readability Index
Vijay Kumar Grover

Spatially Appropriate Spacing of Innovation: An Anthropological Take on Diffusion and Adoption
Syeda Aimen Hadi, Abid Ghafoor Chaudhry

Study of Chemical Frozen Yoghurt Supplemented by Using Different Concentration of Date Pulp
Mahdi Salih Hameed, R. Chandra

Agricultural Malfunctioning: A Threat to the Livelihood of Farmers in Saigolabad, Chakwal-Pakistan
Anwar-ul-Haq, Mahwish Zeeshan, Abid Ghafoor Chaudhry

Using the Umbrella Movement in Hong Kong as an illustrative case study on the relationship-managing organization (RMO) notion in Soft Systems Thinking
Joseph Kim-Keung Ho

Mapping and explaining the Multi-perspective, Systems-based Research sub-Systems Movement
Joseph Kim-Keung Ho

Land Use in Sahiwal District, Pakistan
Muhammad Irshad Hussain

Blood Pressure Status of School Going Children
Md. Rafiqul Islam, Md Monoarul Haque, Md. Jabedul Alam Khondaker, Md Rijwan Bhuiyan, Ashrafun Naher Merry, Md Al Jahidi Hasan Chowdhury, Sabita Rani Mondol, Mosammat Surayia Begum, Subal Chandra Roy, Shuvro Dev Mandal, Sharmin Khan

Contemporary Sustainable Development Practices in Indian Hospitality Sector: Triple Bottom Line Approach
Gomathi Sankar Jeganathan, Yarlagadda Srinivasulu

A Critical Study of Beckett’s Waiting for Godot through the Lens of Post Modernism
Shibajyoti Karmakar

The Impact of an Entrepreneurship Training Course on the Development of Entrepreneurial Features
Behdad Khalili, Farshad Tojari, Mona Rezaei

Condemned to be Free: Orestes in Sartre’s The Flies
Mohsin Hassan Khan

The Role of Information Technology in an Efficient Human Resource Management System
A. Shashi Kumar

Assessment of Biochemical, Phytochemical and Antioxidant Activities of Eight Mangrove Plant Leaf Extracts
M. Kiran Kumar, S. J. Mounika, T. J. Uday Ranjan, P. Sudhakar Rao, B. V. Sandeep

Indian Vernacular Blogs and its Usage as an Alternative Media for Dalits - A Critical Discourse Analysis
C. Suresh Kumar

Representation of marginality in Toni Morrison’s narrative
K.C. Lalthlamuani

Feminist Literary Criticism and Wuthering Heights
Biswanath Mahapatra

Impact of SHGs on the Upliftment of Rural Women: An Economic Analysis
Rajani Manikonda

Impact of in-service training on the performance of extension field staff and their problems regarding the training program
M. Hammad Raza, Munir Ahmad, Ghazanfar Ali Khan, Babar Shabaz, Nowshad Khan, Shafique Qadir Memon, Nadeem Abbas, Raees Abbas

A Comparative Study of Job Satisfaction of Physical Education Teachers between Government and Private Schools
Mukesh Kumar Mishra, Ajay Kumar Pandey

Health Education as Intervention in Promotion of Knowledge, Attitudes and Practices among School Pupils as Regards Schistosomiasis
Abd Elbasit E Mohamed, Kamil M Ali

Evaluation of Lipid Profile in Vitamin D Deficiency Diabetes Mellitus Type 2
Mohammed Sirajeldeen Mohammed, Amar Mohamed Ismail

Foreign Direct Investment Inflows to Ethiopia during 1992 to 2012: An Empirical Analysis
Dipti Ranjan Mohapatra

An Empirical Analysis of Trade between India and European Union during 2000 to 2013
Dipti Ranjan Mohapatra

Globalization and Role Transition among Mirasi Community in Rawalpindi
Anwaar Mohyuddin, Lubna Mahmood

Issues of Women at Work Places in Rawalpindi
Anwaar Mohyuddin, Shanza Tariq

Bankim and the Critique of European Modernity
Anindita Mondal

Importance, Tasks and Principles of Criminal Traseology
Blerim Olluri, Xhemajl Ademaj

Micropropagation of Adhatoda beddomei Using Nodal Explant
Jitendriya Panigrahi, Illa Patel

Status of Aquatic Bird Diversity and its Conservation Issues: With Spatial Reference to the Tribal District of Rajasthan, India
Savitree Patidar

Influence of Physico-economic Factors on Agricultural Productivity of Village Nandpur, Tahsil Nandurbar, Maharashtra
Pawar N.S., R. J. Borse

Risk Factors of Stroke in Adult Population
Mohammad Shahadur Rahman, Md Monoarul Haque, Moniruzzaman, Mohammad Delwar Hossain, Md Rafiqul Islam, Md. Jabedul Alam Khondaker, Abdur Rashid

Erosion risk identification study using RUSLE model in G. Madugula Mandal, Visakhapatnam District, A.P., India
Ch. Vasudeva Rao, G. Ashenafi Tolessa, E. Aminnedu

Studies on the Relative Growth of Mugil cephalus (Linnaeus, 1758) from Interu Swamp at Krishna Estuarine Region of Andhra Pradesh, India
R. Kurma Rao, K. Ramesh Babu

A Brief Thematic Survey of the Discourse of Love in the Poetry of John Donne
Mustapha Bala Ruma

Follow Up Study on “Empowerment of Rural Women through Mango Preservation Technology”
Saghir Ahmed Sheikh, Aasia Akbar Panhwar, Ray Collins, Tim Sun

Use of Sense Relations to Analyze Rappaccini’s Daughter (A short story by Nathaniel Hawthorne)
Rabia Sohail, Raheela Naz, Nazir Ahmed Malik, Shaheen Babar

A Philosophical Approach towards the Fundamental Concepts of Mathematics
Aijaz Ahmed Soomro

A Route-map to the Analysis of Drought Stress Tolerance in Wheat (Triticum aestivum L.) Genotypes
Farooque Ahmed Soomro, Shaikh Muhammad Mujtaba, Aijaz Ahmed Soomro, Ayaz Ahmed Soomro, Zhang Jian

Effects of Picking Dates on Seed Germination, GOT and Fiber Traits of Upland Cotton (Gossypium Hirsutum L.)
Abdul Wahab Soomro, Muhammad Saffar Majidano, Muhammad Zahir Ahsan, Abdul Razzaque Channa, Faiz Hussain Panhwar, Hidayatullah Bhutto & Allah Dino Kalhoro

The use of methods of bilingualism or multilingualism rather Monolingualism in English language class by English teacher and its subsequent effects on students’ achievements and personality
Husnat Ahmed Tabassam, M. Asif Ikram, M.Kamran Yousuf

Comparative Study of Mental Imagery, Embedded Mental Imagery and Balance Training in Improving Balance Control Ability in Geriatric Population
Jagun Tomar, Vivek Chauhan

Suicidal death in Northern Ireland in relation with solar interplanetary and geomagnetic activity parameters (1986 to 2010)
P. L. Verma

Solar Geomagnetic and Interplanetary Relations of Suicidal Death in Slovakia during the Period of 1997 -2010
P. L. Verma

Satisfaction of Library Automation Services in College Students - With Special Reference to Arts Colleges of Madurai District
N.N.Vimala, K.Chinnasamy

Islam and Polygamy: A Case Study in Jammu and Kashmir
Imran Yousuf, S. Sivarajan

Chloroform leaf extract of Salix alba is a rich source of antimicrobial agents of enormous clinical importance
Mohd Sadiq S. Zarger, Fehmeeda Khatoon

Astrophysical Signatures of Scalar-Photon Interaction
Manoj K. Jaiswal, Avijit K.Ganguly, Subhyan Mandal, Anjan Dutta, Shikha Awasthi

Impact of Health and Education on Economic Growth and Development of Pakistan in the Long Run and Short Run: (Evidence from Time Series Data)
Ahsan Khan, Yasir Naveed, Ijaz Haider

Using Google Earth and Mobile GPS to Assess and Map the Spatial Distribution of Organic Farming. The Case of Sousse Governorate -Tunisia
Faiza Khebour Allouche, Akram Chamsi, Naima Osman Laajimi, Henem Grissa Balaazi

Detection of AML1/ETO Fusions Transcript in Acute Myeloid Leukemia in Sudanese Patients
Eman Abbass Fadul, Ihsan Mohammed Osman, Abdel-Muhsin A. Algadir

Dr. S. Radhakrishnan and his Geo-Educational Movements: In a nutshell
Tapas Pal, Prohlad Roy

Europe between Nationalism Affirmation and Union Integration. 2014 and the Euro Discourse of Scepticism

Comments upon the Trends and Perspectives for the Evolution of European Union after the 25th of May 2014 Elections

Simulation Internal Partial Discharge Activity within Void as Function Frequency Using: COMSL+MATLAB LIVELINK
Mohammed Imran Mousa, Zulkurnain Abdul-Malek, Tijani Hafeez Olasunkanmi, Adetoro Saheed Ayodeji, Mohammed Qasim Abdulrasool

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