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Volume:  II Issue:  XII Of  March,2015
Improve Capacity in Text in Text Steganography
Samer Thaaban Abaas, Zaid Nidhal Khudhair, Sami Kadhim Kareem, Zainab Nidhal Khudhair

Sociological Analysis of Male Attitude towards Selection of Their Spouse
Zeshan Ahmad, Muzamel Abbas, Naveed Anjum, Rizwan Abbas

Child Labor Dilemma and Discrimination of Wages in Southern Punjab (Pakistan)
Rizwan Abbas, Muzamel Abbas, Zeshan Ahmad, Naveed Anjum

Using Extempore as a Technique to Improve Oral Communication Skills in Pakistan
Amanullah, Tooba Malik, M.Wasim Khan, Rida-E-Maryam, Shakeel Ahmed

Biomorphologic and Therapeutic Features of the Kinds Included into Stachys L. Species of Nonstringings (Lamiaceae Lindl.) Family Widely Spread in Flora of Nakhchivan Autonomous Republic Azerbaijan
Ramiz Alakbarov

Effect of Type of Hospitals and Gender on the Occupational Stress Level among Hospital Nurses
Anju, Kumkum Singh

Islamic finance: complement or substitute to conventional finance?
Azza Ziadi

Inequality and Economic Growth. Case Study: Emerging Countries
Lamia Arfaoui, Azza Ziadi

Enhancement of Feeding Value of Tannineferous Acacia Leaves as Supplementary Feeds for Livestock
A. A. El Balola, A. A. Elshikh, I. A. Marzoug, J. A. Khalafalla, M.A. Masaad, A.Y. El Mahdi

Is Female, an Object of Prestige? : A Study of Bharati Mukherjee’s “Desirable Daughters”
Nitasha Baloria

An Impact Assessment of Climate Change on Milk Production in Nyagatare District of Rwanda
Mugabe Jean Baptiste

Teachers’ Sense of Efficacy Scale: The Study of Validity and Reliability
Ornela Bilali

Remarks on virtuality. I – The metaphor and the mythological bond
Joaquim Braga

Identity of Women and Media in Modern India
Suman Chakraborty

Human Rights & Indian Constitution
Nitesh D Chaudhari

Evaluation of Winged Termites (Omitermes Meridionalis) as Sole Sources of Protein in Growing Japanese Quails (Corturnix Corturnix Japonica)
D. M. Chisowa, B. Mupeyo, R. T. Kasamba

Noise Induced Hearing Loss (NIHL) in Bore Well Personnel in India
Amar Maruti Dhere, Pondhe Goraksh M.

Political Machinations and the Elusive Peace in Kashmir
Mohd Zubair Ud Din, Massarat Abbas

Intercultural Visual Language and Visual Communication Difference
Banu Inanc Uyan Dur

The Acid Ocean
Mohamed H. A. Elkanzi

Feeding Ecology, Length-Weight relationship and Condition Factor of Mugil cephalus (Pisces: Mugilidae; Linnaeus, 1758) From Cross River Estuary, Nigeria
Philomena Edet Asuquo, Victor Oscar Eyo, Chuks C. Ikechukwu

Distribution and Occurrence of Microcrustaceans in Uwanse Stream, Calabar, Cross River State
Ifiok Solomon Udoh, Victor Oscar Eyo, Bassey Etim Job

Job Satisfaction, Awareness and Knowledge Sharing Methods of Debre Markos and Assosa Universities Libraries Employees’ in Ethiopia
Shambel Ferede, T. Moly Mathew

A review of related literatures on the leader’s core self-evaluations and the followers’ organizational commitment: The mediating roles of transformational and ethical leaderships
Shirley D. Galicia-Dechavez, Rosalia T. Caballero, Mary Caroline N. Castaño

Spreading of Astracantha and Astragalus Species in Nakhchivan AR Subalpine and Alpine Flora
Dashgyn Ganbarov, Seadet Aliyeva

Heavy Metal Analyses of Godavari River Water, (Maharashtra), India
I.B. Ghorade, V.R. Thakur, S. S. Patil

Abusing Marital Relation: A Reflective Generalization using Story as a Case
Vijay Kumar Grover

Efficacy of tolerance of bio-agents and plant pathogenic fungi to fungicides by food poison technique
Mohammed Nedeem Kasim Hantosh, Kareem A. Hassan, Hussein A. Salim, Faris M. Sohail

Bioinformatics approach prediction of nonsynonymous and miRNA-binding site polymorphisms within human SclA9 and Scl22A12 genes
Mohammed A. Eshage, Wasal A. Hamid, Entssar S. Taha, Rehab A. Abdalla, Eman M. Abd Elhalim, Mohamed M. Hassan, Sofia B. Mohamed

Functional SNPs within Exons and 3-untranslated regions of PAH gene associated with Phenylketonuria: using bioinformatics methods
Safa A. A. Abdalgaleel, Nansi M. Elshafie, Khitma A. Sirelkhatim, Hind G.A. Idris, Leena A. E. Osman, Sofia B. Mohamed, Mohamed M.Hassan

Infection of Bees with the Nozema (Nosema Apis Z.) Parasites in the Nakhchivan Autonomous Republic Condition, Treatment of Bees by Scientific and Folk Medicine Methods
Habib Huseynov, Hilal Gasimov

Effect of Inquiry Teaching Method on Academic Achievements of Male Students in Subject of Physics: A case study
Shafqat Hussain, Manzor Hussain Shah

Association of Vitamin D Receptor (VDR) Start Codon FokI Polymorphism with Acute Myelogenous Leukemia
Yasmine Ahmed Ibrahim, Elshazali Widaa Ali, Ebtihal Ahmed Babiker, Mohanad Altayeb Mohamed Ahmed

An Investigation of the Effects of a Period of Individual and Team Plays on the Social Development of Educable Mentally Retarded Children
Jamal Fazel Kalkhoran, Morteza Homayounnia, Ali Abazari

Intangibles and nationwide economic affluence of Pakistan – Returns to health and education
Ahsan Khan, Ijaz Haider

Sexuality and Sex Education: A Subjective Debate for Persons with Intellectual Disabilities in India
Vijay Kumar, Anil Kumar Jain

Status of Farm Tractors in Nasirabad Balochistan, Pakistan
Niamatullah Leghari, Ghulam A. Buriro, Ali R. Shah, Ahmed A. Tagar

The New Accounting and the IFRS Requests. The Payment Based on Shares (IFRS 2)
Gheorghe Lepadatu

Cash Flows (IAS) - Concrete Aspect of the Convergence Accounting in the New Context of Economy
Gheorghe Lepadatu

Justice perception and turnover Intentions with moderating role of locus of control
Malka Liaquat, Sadaf Zahra

Repugnant Representation of the Repressed: Romen Basu’s Breach of Faith
Hanumant Ajinath Lokhande

Reading Habits of E-Journals among Engineering Students in Erode District: A Study
K. C. Mahesh, K. Chinnasamy

Increasing resilience from inbound supply chain disruptions. Learning from the past to get ready for the future
Denisa Mamillo, Oltjana Zoto

Smuggling with Narcotics and the Eventual Connection with Terrorism – Reflections on the Situation in Kosovo
Samedin Mehmeti

Study Heftiness in the Astrophysical Turbulence at Pakistan Air Space
Khusro Mian, S. Zeeshan Abbas, Mohib R Kazimi, Fayyaz Ur Rasheed, Alay Raza, Sheikh M. Zeeshan Iqbal

Rendering Collocations in Arabic/English Simultaneous Interpreting
Hala Ghanim Mohammed

Rendering Collocations in Arabic/English Simultaneous Interpreting
Hala Ghanim Mohammed

Ethiopia and European Union Trade during 2003 to 2013: An Analysis
Dipti Ranjan Mohapatra, Fekadu Meckonnen

An Empirical Analysis of Determinants of Foreign Direct Investment Inflows From ASEAN to India During 2000 to 2012
Dipti Ranjan Mohapatra

Investigation Relationship between Personality Characteristics and Job Satisfaction
Ali Zaman Moniri, Mokhtar Arefi

Prevalence of Dental Caries among Slum School Children: a Cross Sectional Observational Study
Shamsun Nahar, Jebun Nessa

Development and Validation of a Thin Layer Chromatography Method in Forensics, for the Analysis of Organic Gunpowder Residues after Firing Weapons
Blerim Olluri, Milazim Tahirukaj, Sokol Dedaj, Xhemajl Ademaj

Personal Image: A Mirror to Know Yourself
Meenu Pandey, Prabhat Pandey

Promoting Talent Management Practices in Higher Education Institutions in India
Vaishali J. Patil

Seasonal Changes in Primary Productivity at Water Reservoirs of Ajara Tahsil from Kolhapur District, M. S., India
Sachinkumar R. Patil, S. S. Patil, T. V. Sathe

Historical Realism in Mahasweta Devi’s Mother Of 1084: A Study
Gopal Chandra Paul

Burnout – The level of satisfaction in teaching of secondary school teachers: An analysis with focusing potential sources and demographic variable
Rama Chandra Dash, Sudarsan Baral, Lakshmipriya Malla, Rasmi Ranjan Puhan

Demographic and Pregnancy related History of Children with Clubfoot Deformity
Md Minhajur Rahaman, Md Shah Billal Masum, Md Monoarul Haque, Md Shafiullah Prodhania, Mst Mostary Zannath, Mohammad Nasir Uddin, Mohammed Shahid Gazi, Hazera Akter Mukta

Kosovo Issue and the Foreign Policy of Italy
Erjona Rama, Nexhat Rama

Yugoslav - Italian relations in the XX century. Italy in the Balkans, Albania, Serbia, Kosovo
Erjona Rama, Nexhat Rama

Building an Automatic System to Construct a Thesaurus for Arabic Language Words
Hasan Hussein Rashaideh, Iman Hussein Al-Qinani, Saleh Al Oqeili

A study of Tribals in Odisha and their movements after independence
Naresh Rout

Efficacy of Plant Growth Regulators (PGRs) on Potato mother Plant for the production of Hybrid True Potato Seed
Tuhin Suvra Roy, Rajesh Chakraborty, Tanvir Ehsan Chowdhury, Md. Jafrul Islam Sumon, Md. Quamruzzaman

Sisir Kumar Das’s “Comparative Literature in India:” Transcending Boundaries
Rukhaya M. K.

Drivers of Microfinance in India: An Exploratory Study
Syed Ahmed Saad, Asif Akhtar

Effect of carbendazim and solarized soil with Pseudomonas fluorescens, spent mushroom compost against Fusarium oxysporum f.sp. lycopersici in Tomato
Hussein Ali Salim, Sobita Simon

The Impacts of the Security Threats on the Social and Academic Activities of the Students. A Case Study of Punjab University, Lahore, Pakistan
Abdul Samad, Ateeq-ur-Rehman, Zahira Nazish, Mussarat Hussain, Adnan Ahmad

Reconciling Empowerment and Submission: Female Agency and Desire in Hannah More’s A Search After Happiness
Noelia Sánchez-Campos

The Role of English Language for Overcoming Cross Cultural Sensitivity
Itishri Sarangi

Contribution of nitrogen and methods of weeding on the yield components and yield of hybrid boro rice (HEERA 4)
Shimul Chandra Sarker, Md. Hazrat Ali, Parimal Kanti Biswas, Rajesh Chakraborty, Ruhul Amin, Sanjida Khandker

Intensity of cosmic rays in relation to geomagnetic activity parameter Ap and Kp Index
Anita Shukla, P.L.Verma

Chronological and an Inside Layer Analysis of Tiger Landscape Complex in India
Bhanwar Vishvendra Raj Singh, Anjan Sen

In vitro anti-diabetic activity and phenolic compound profile of ethanol extracts of Anisophyllea laurina R. Br. ex Sabine leaves and stem bark
M’balu Regina Kargbo, Gbago Onivogui, Yuanda Song

Performance Analysis of Universal and Commercial Banks in the Philippines from 2004 to 2012: DEA and SFA Approach
Maria Aiza Gazelle P. Metica, Dante R. Garcia, Nelson C. Bool, Marisa S. Sunga

Evaluation of Lactate Dehydrogenase on exposure to Endosulfan and Fenvalerate by using Native- PAGE
K. Suneetha

Nadine Gordimer’s Role in the Politics of South Africa
Qamar Talat, Madhumita Guha

Potential of S5 Lines in Test Crosses for Yield and Yield Associated Traits in Maize Variety Azam
Habib Ullah, Hidayat-Ur-Rahman, Ibni Amin Khalil, Intekhab Alam, Nouman Saleem

Implications of Pradhan Mantri Jan Dhan Yojna on Financial Inclusion and Inclusive Growth
Hemant Kumar Watts

Multi Locational Evaluation of Candidate Varieties of Coarse Rice in Pakistan
Muhammad Yousuf, Abdul Majid, Abdul Rehman, Sartaj Khan

A brief overview on illustrating phraseological syntagma used in the Italian Arbëresh dictionary of Emanuele Giordano
Manjola Zaçellari, Lediana Beshaj

Criminal Justice Comparative Overview of the Phenomenon of Money Laundering in Republic of Kosovo and Some States of the European Union
Sevdali Zejnullahu, Fatos Haziri

Studies on the Distribution of Mangrove Flora and Fauna at Nizampatnam and Palarevu
K. Sasidhar, P. Brahmaji Rao

Regeneration of the Medicinal Plant Ruta Graveolens L. from Hypocotyl
M. M. Al-Mahdawe, M. K. Al-Mallah

An examination of usability and usability engineering with the contemporary systems thinking lenses
Joseph Kim-Keung Ho

Traversing the Patriarchal Universe : A Study of Language and Literature of North East India in Women in Dictionary and Birendra Kumar Bhattacharyya
Ratan Bhattacharjee

Ecaterina Patrascu

Study of Delivery and Service Aspect and to Design an Ideal Delivery Process for Dealers of Maruti Udyog Ltd
R. K. Sant

Seven Circles Round the Fire: Arupa Patangiya Kaltia’s Fiction in the Light of Jane Austen’s Concept of Marriage
Karabi Hazarika

Sylvia Plath's "Tulips" and “Lady Lazarus”: Relative Intruding

Service Quality and Postgraduate Student Satisfaction: A pilot study
Nigina Kadirova, Lim Li-Chen, Benjamin Chan-Yin-Fah, Tee Poh-Kiong

Parental Role in learning ESL in developing countries
Marriam Bashir

Academic Reflection of Eighth Amendment on Political Stability of Pakistan
Muhammad Ibrahim, Razia Mussarat

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