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Volume:  III Issue:  I Of  April,2015
The Manifestation of the Social Issues through Humour- A Case Study of Saraki Village Sanjar Pur District Rahim Yar Khan
Azam Khan Abbasi, Abdul Samad, Muhammad Umar, Aqsa Qandeel, Madiha Iram, Saba Malik

The Effects of Combining NPK-20-10-10 with Urea on Busseola fusca (Fuller) (Lepidoptera: Noctuidae) Attacks on Maize, and on Maize Growth and Yield Parameters in Njinikom (North West Cameroon)
Neba Ngwa Akongnwi

Evaluation of Diagnostic Criteria for von Willebrand Disease in Sudan
Amin A. Alamin, Maria M.H.Satti

Food and ovipositional preference of oriental fruit fly Bactrocera dorsalis Hendel (Diptera: Terphritidae) on different fruit and vegetable hosts
Mubasshir Sohail, Muhammad Anjum Aqueel, Muhammad Saddiq Assi, Mudassir Javed, Muhammad Sajjad Khalil, Huma Khalil, Muhammad Hannan Ahmad

Ecofeminism and Environment in the Work of Ruskin Bond
Kuldip Awasthi

Migration and Sense of Home and Homelessness in the Novels of Rohinton Mistry
Kuldip Awasthi

Yield of Water Discharge and Rainfall Seasonality in and around Barnadi River Basin, Assam: India
Dipak Baruah

The Principle of Proportionality in the Jurisprudence of the Court of Justice of the European Union
Pranvera Beqiraj (Mihani)

Hidden from your Timeline: Facebook Envy and Self-esteem of the Filipino Youth
Racidon P. Bernarte, Angela Clariz G. Del Rosario, Precious Joy M. Pacho, Regine V. Raboy

Investigation of service quality and behavioral intentions: A life insurance perspective
Javaid Ahmad Bhat, Showket Ahmad Dar

Impact of Service Quality, Technology and Behavior & Attitude on Customer Satisfaction in Banking Sector of Pakistan (A case study of Sargodha & Mianwali)
Muhammad Bilal, Waheed Aslam, Muhammad Mansoor Baig

Teachers’ Sense of Efficacy- Attitudes of Student Teachers during Their Preparation as Future Teachers
Ornela Bilali

Managerial Importance of Establishing Microfinance Institutions in Kosovo
Enver Daci

Applications of Atomic Molecular Physics to Global Change
Mohamed H. A. Elkanzi

The Change of Strategy at High Secondary Vocational Schools in Kosovo
Kastriot Haxhiu

Influence of Body Kinematics on Tennis Serve
Ikram Hussain, Syed Anayat Hussain, Fuzail Ahmad

Income Tax Assessment Techniques and Income Tax Collection: Evidence form Jordan
Monther Soliman Jaradat

Legal Framework for the Transportation of Dangerous Goods in Kosovo
Nexhat Jashari

Design Development of Carpet with the Basic Elements
R. Karmakar

Information technology serving to the managements of organizations
Muhamet Kelmendi

Effect of Polyethylene glycol 6000, mannitol, sodium and potassium salts on the growth and biochemical characteristics of oat (Avena sativa L.)
Jahangir Abdullah Koka, Abdul Hamid Wani, Rajiv Mohan Agarwal, Shazia Parveen, Fayaz Ahmad Wani

Emotional Competence as a Predictor of Mental Health of Science Pre-Service Teachers of Himachal Pradesh, India
Sanjeev Kumar

The impact of tourism and rural tourism development in Kosovo
Bekë Kuqi

Duck, Cover and Hold: Risk Communication of the National and Local DRRM for Earthquake Preparedness on West Valley Fault in Marikina City
Gary Antonio C. Lirio, Racidon P. Bernarte, Jessica A. Evangelio, Rina F. Fenellere, Camille L. Santos, Cherry Mae A. Sibayan

Outpost Communication Signal Reduction due to Ionospheric Plasma Turbulence
Khusro Mian, S. Zeeshan Abbas, Fayyaz Ur Rasheed, Alay Raza, Sheikh M. Zeeshan Iqbal, Fizza Abbas

Financial Analysis of IT SEZ Project: A Case Study
Dipti Ranjan Mohapatra

An Economic Analysis of Selected Road Projects in NOIDA, India
Dipti Ranjan Mohapatra

Advertisement of School Slogans: Semantic Analysis
Fakharh Muhabat, Mehvish Noor, Mubashir Iqbal

Culture of Communication and Honor Human Relationships
Afërdita Nimani, Latif Malokaj

A Year over Year General Overview of Solid Suspension
Enkela Noçka, Ilva Gjikaj, Ariola Devolli

Building of the Absorbances Spectral curve as it relates to the wavelength in solution containing SDS
Enkela Noçka, Ilva Gjikaj, Ariola Devolli

Association of the polymorphism in DNA Repair Enzymes and E-Cadherin Gene with Gastric Carcinoma Risk in population from Brazil
Eliane dos Santos Pereira, Isabelle Joyce de Lima Silva-Fernandes, Débora Menezes da Costa, Rommel Mario Rodriguez Burbano, Silvia Helena Barem Rabenhorst

Seasonal Variations of the Physico-Chemical Characteristics of Water Samples in Sarada and Varaha Estuarine Complex, East Coast of India
G. Vijaya Pratap and K. Ramesh Babu

A Call Center Trouble Ticketing System with Auto-Reply and Messaging Mechanism
Love Jhoye M. Raboy, Roween Antonette B. Alontaga, Karl Martin Louie N. Casiño, Mark Anthony C. Cinco, John Paul S. Ruiz

The managerial affection towards the application of motivation of personnel in small and medium enterprises in Ferizaj
Aziz Rexhepi

Numerical Approximation of Solution of Ordinary Differential Equations by Single Step Methods
Taha Aadi Saleh

Autonomy in Higher Education: Shifting Paradigm
Ramesh Chandra Singh, Siddharth Lohani, Pankaj Pant

KAP of HIV/AIDS among IT Professionals in Indian Silicon Valley – A Pilot Study
M. N. Sumana, Arnaw Kishore

Mobile Payments, driving economies in development countries toward less risky transactions and lowering informality
Erdet Këlliçi, Indrit Baholli

A Facebook-based questionnaire survey study on social justice perceptions in Hong Kong housing policy
Joseph Kim-Keung Ho

A review of frameworks for classification of information systems, notably on the Anthony’s Triangle
Joseph Kim-Keung Ho

Status of the Egra Regulated Dry Fish Market, Purba Medinipur, West Bengal
Rabindranath Kundu, Ankita Pradhan, Nachiketa Bandyopadhyay

Art Scenario in Europe at the End of the Second World War
Parveen Sultana

The Historical Impact of a Place on a White Black: Saratoga Springs
Ozan Selcik

Production of Hairy Roots by Two Different Strains of Agrobacterium rhizogenes in Castor (Ricinus communis L.) Plant
Awab W. AL-Harbawy, Mozahim K. AL-Mallah

Role of Red Blood Cell Distribution Width for Assessment of the Severity of Critically Ill Patients in Intensive Care Unit and to Correlate with Acute Physiology and Chronic Health Evaluation-II (Apache-II) Score
Abdul Kader, Md. Saiful Islam, Sheuly Ferdoushi, Abdul Alam Chowdhury, Tuhin Sultana, Mesbah Uddin Ahmed, A N Nashimuddin Ahmed

Association between Prolong and Frequent Squatting Position with Early Degenerative Changes in Knee Joint
Roksana Irin, Mohammad Shariful Islam, Md Monoarul Haque

Anthropometry of Reproductive Aged Women of Rakhaine Ethnic Community: BMI is the key
Moonmoon Hoque, Md Monoarul Haque, Mohammad Shahinoor Islam, Sazeda Kashem, Sharmin Sultana, Md Al Jahidi Hasan Chowdhury

Application of Organic Farming Technology Improvises Green Growth by Enhancing Rural Livelihood and Sustainable Development
Rajesh Kumar Dubey, Ayodhya Prasad

Causes of Unsafety in School according to Adolescents of Upper Secondary Schools in Prizren
Shpresa Zaplluzha

Stress in Different Types of Organisation - An Empirical Study in Dindigul
R. Balasubramani

Desert as an Idea and Setting in Some Major Poems of W. B. Yeats, Percy Bysshe Shelley and Stephen Crane
Hossein Sheikhzadeh

A novel feather degrading Acinetobacter sp. PD 12 isolated from feather waste dumping site in Mumbai
Malay Shah, R. B. Vaidya

The Hungry Tide: Amitav Ghosh’s Heart of Darkness
Indrajit Mukherjee

Sedimentation processes at the navigation channel of Mongla port on the Pussur-Sibsa river system in Bangladesh
Tonmoy Sarker

A brief overview on the dictionary of Hector Harizaj regarding the terminology of environment, as well as the use of the word groups in the translation process
Lediana Beshaj, Manjola Zaçellari, environment, word groups, translation process

The Effect of Transportation Infrastructure for the Regional Development and Public Welfare (Case Study of Deli Serdang Regency, North Sumatra, Indonesia)
Maksum Syahri Lubis, Suwardi Lubis, Sofian Armirza Silalahi, A. Ridwan Siregar

Modeling leadership effectiveness among higher educational institutions using PLS-SEM
Shirley D. Galicia-Dechavez

The Role of Crime Serials on Aggression among Adolescents
Sampeet Mahanty, Namita Mohanty, Manisha Mishra

Preparation, Characterization of Eugenol loaded nanoemulsions and their Rheological characteristics
Hamid Majeed, Hafiz Rizwan Sharif, Junaid Haider, Barkat Ali, Zhong Fang

Information Seeking and Service Quality of Public Sector Banks in Dindigul
T. Meharajan, P. S. Venkateswaran, S. Aravind

English from the First Standard in Indian Context: Need and Effects
Ashok P. Khairnar

Performance Evaluation of the Low Head Type Pico – Hydro Electric Generating System (LH-PHEGS)
Adriano B. Singian

Attitude of Parents on Open Schooling for Persons with Intellectual Disability
Mahesh Kumar Choudhary, Sanjay Kumar

Problematizing ‘Continuity’ in the Green Revolution discourse: A case of Turmeric cultivators
Prasanth Kumar Munnangi, Chandri Raghava Reddy

Image Compression and Decompression Technique Based on Block Truncation Coding (BTC) And Perform Data Hiding Mechanism in Decompressed Image
Nasrul Alam

Practical Processes of Credit Risk Management in Banks Operating in Kosovo Financial System
Shqipdona Hashani, Ymer Shatri

“Fear of Floating” in Albania and Economic Growth
Besart Kadia

Livelihood diversification and the role of agriculture in resource scarce regions: the case of Kaghan Valley in Northwest Pakistan
Umair Safdar, Babar Shahbaz, Tanvir Ali, Shoukat Ali

Effects of Advertising on College Youth for Buying Two-Wheelers
Carolyn Vanlalhriati, Nixon Singh

Intellectual Capital and Firm Performance: evidence from Jordan
Khaldoun A.A. Al-Mommani

E – Governance for Voter Data Collection and Verification
Wissam Zaki Mizyad Al-Humadi

Heritability, genetic advance, genotypic and phenotypic correlation studies for yield and yield related traits in F2 segregating populations of rice (Oryza sativa)
Qazi Uzair Bacha, Syed Mehar Ali Shah, HabibUllah, Ibni Amin Khalil, Ali Muhammad and Syed Muhammad Azam

Neoliberalism and the future of market economy after the world financial crisis in Eastern Europe
Besart Kadia

Role of DSF in the field of active tourism development in Dubai
Sunitha K. Haneef

Effects of foliar application of boron and zinc and their combinations on the quality of tomato (Lycopersicon esculentum Mill.)
Kumuthini D. Harris, Mathuma Vellupillai

Portrayals of Females Characters in the novels of Multan and Lahore based female writers
Muhammad Naveed Arshad, Muhammad Afzal

Ideology behind Media Discourse “Exploring Swiss case through CDA of Comic-Political show”
Muniba Akhtar

Leadership Skills for Library Professionals in Modern Era
Vijay Parashar

9/11 Terrorism and Democratization: A Case Study of Pakistan

Diasporic Sensibility in the Poetry of Sujata Bhatt
Darshana Oza

A Study of Learning Styles of Upper Primary School Students
Paresh B. Acharya

Critical Assessment of Love between Hamlet and Ophelia with Reference to Ophelia’s Situation and Hamlet’s State of Mind
Paresh Joshi

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