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Volume:  III Issue:  III Of  June,2015
Rubella and Cytomegalovirus Infections in Women with Bad Obstetric History attending Omdurman Military Hospital
Rehab Mohammed Ahmed, Adam Ahmed Adam

Climate Change Awareness among Students in the Secondary Level
Kim P. Bondoc

E-Document Tracking System
Marylene Saldon- Eder

Quality improvement of Sudanese gasoline by using Di isopropyl ether and Moringa oil
Moh. Ezeldin, Ali. M. Massad

Impact of nutritional sources on vegetative growth and conidial formation of Magnaporthe oryzae Couch
Jamal-u-ddin Hajano, A. Mubeen Lodhi, Sultan Maitlo, Gulam Sarwar Shah, M. Aslam Rajput

Exploring the problem situation of parallel trading in Hong Kong with the enriched rich picture building exercise (ERPBE)
Joseph Kim-Keung Ho

Professional Preparation of Student Teachers and School Curriculum Reform in India: A Study
Prajnya Paramita Jena

Chronological Age and Subjective Perception of Visual Acuity among Myopic Patients Practicing Eye Relaxation
K. Lekshmi

A Protocol for the production of chickpea plant resistant to Fusarium wilt from genetically transformed hairy roots
Mohamed R.Y., Al. Mallah M.K., Ramadan N.A.

An Economic Insight into the Development Scenarios and Employment Projections in NCR Delhi
Dipti Ranjan Mohapatra

Use of Banned Veterinary Drugs in Feed: Food Safety Challenges and Strategies in China: A Review
Zubair Mohsina, Shuming Yang, Tunio Muhammad Tarique, Jing Qiu

Water Quality of Dug Wells from Samangad Fort and Adjoining Area, Western Maharashtra, India
Rahul Shivaji Patil, R. S. Sawant, S. R. Patil, S. R. Chougale

Effect of Life Quality and Environmental Management in Public Attitudes towards Sustainable Development in South Labuhan Batu District Indonesia
Munir Tanjung, Zulkifli Nasution, Badaruddin, Sofyan Azmirza Silalahi

Studies Based on the Fungal Flora of Indian Currency
Verinder Wahla, Sarita Rani

Vegetation Ecology and Taxonomy of El-Ga’ab Area, North-Western Sudan
Ikram Madani, Yahia F. Tahir, Hamad M. Hamdeen, Adéla Pokorná, Petr Pokorný

Phytochemical Analysis of Nigella Sativa and Its Antibacterial and Anticancer Activities
Muqdad Khairi Yaheya, Poonam Prakash

On the Hamiltonicity of Product Graph G ? Sm, for a Graph G of Order n, and Star Graph Sm, n = m
Aurea Z. Rosal

Short Term Sale Modeling using Box and Jenkins Methodology case study of the Algerian industrial firm DENITEX: Realities and Challenges
Latifa Djebbari

A comparison of brand dimensions and brand loyalty from the viewpoints of spectators of Javaheri Gonbad-Kavoos volleyball team and Gorgan Municipality basketball team
Ramezan Piri, Nasser Bai, Reza Rezaeshirazi

Relationship between market orientation and performance (Case study: Football Schools of Golestan Province)
Malihe Yazarloo, Nasser Bai, Reza Rezaeshirazi

Comparative Survey of Relation between Market-Orientation, Innovation and Performance of Male and Female Gyms in Golestan Province
Samane Noorian, Nasser Bai, Reza Rezaeshirazi

Green synthesis of benzodiazepine derivatives and evaluation for anticancer activity
Mohamed Ahmad Abdulgader, Poonam Prakash

Detection of C Reactive Protein level in breast cancer
Mohamed K.A.

Government Policies for the Growth of Entrepreneurship through MSMEs in India
C. Swarnalatha, M. Tharani

In vitro Evaluation of Acacia nilotica Pods for its Antioxidant, Acetylcholinesterase Inhibitory Activities and Phytochemical Screening
Alsiddig Osama,Sufyan Awdelkarim, Eltayeb Fadul, Ghada Mohamed, Modathir Siddig, Abdul-Aziz Sheikh, Amjad Abdelmoneim, Asaad Khalid, Ali Mohammed

Enlightenment and Its Shadows: Witchcraft, Devilry and the Cult of the Feminine in the Gothic Fiction Written in the Late Eighteenth Century England
Suman Chakraborty

Role of Capacity Building and Training for Sustainable Livelihood of Farming Community in Pakistan
Muhammad Yaseen, Sadia Hassan, Muhammad Tarique Tunio, Muhammad Ameen, Sheer Abbas

Forecasting the Philippine Stock Exchange Index using Time Series Analysis Box-Jenkins
Hero L. Tolosa, Mark S. Camano, Ceejay A. De Lumen, Jose Charmaine T., Edles Edsel Marieve L.

An Economic Analysis of Light Rail Transit in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia
Dipti Ranjan Mohapatra

Analysis on Predicting Spousal Physical Violence in the Philippines Using Binary Logistic Regression
Joseph Mercado, Lincoln Bautista, Jackie D. Urrutia, Maica Jhonalyn B. Morelos, Jenny G. Amora

Reading Attitudes of the Students of Polytechnic University of the Philippines: A Principal Component Factor Analysis
Joseph Mercado, Jackie D. Urrutia, Lincoln A. Bautista, John Michael E. Borigas and Diane A. Elgaran

Modeling the Philippines’ Exchange Rate: A Regression Analysis
Jackie D. Urrutia, Jaya D. De Guzman, Joseph Mercado, Lincoln Bautista, Edcon Baccay

The Correlation between Maternal Age and Second-Trimester Pregnancy Losses
Astrit M. Gashi

Leveraging Enterprise Reporting Software for Public Utilities
Genti Beqiri

The contribution of the Industrial Sector in the economic growth of Albania
Mateo Spaho

Construction of A Homogeneous Factorization of the Hamming Graph H1(n,q) Using the Imprimitive Action of N = Sq on the Arc Set of The Complete Graph Kq
Aurea Z. Rosal

Factors Affecting Money Supply (M0) in the Economy
Hero L. Tolosa, Nicki Vine C. Capuchino, Syrene Roma B. Marcaida, Francheska Papa and Ma. Isabel M. Guarte

Transition Metal Catalyzed Synthesis of Biologically Active Heterocycles
Salih Hassan Ahmed, Amit Chattree

Rheological investigation, Morphology and Time Dependent Stability of Water/Sun Flower Oil Emulsions
Fazal Wali, Musa Kaleem Baloch, Mohsan Nawaz, Khakemin Khan, Rasool Kamal, Tariq Aziz

Measuring Financial Stress: The Case of Pakistan Economy
Ahsan Akbar

Problems of Teachers Teaching in Class VI: A Case Study of Jawahar Navodaya Vidyalaya (JNV), Tinsukia
Bonnie Amonge Crerar

A Study of Deixis in Pinter’s The Caretaker Act I
Sachin L. Patki, Arvind M. Nawle

Validity of CAPM in Capital Markets of Pakistan An Empirical Analysis with Critical Perspective
Mustabsar Awais, Aisha Khursheed, Shahbaz Hussain

Canal Irrigation, a Shifting Mechanism for Society: A Study of New Irrigation Practice in Southern Punjab, Pakistan
Abdul Samad, Waseem Khokhar, Muhammad Burhan, Muhammad Aamir Rauf, Muhammad Faheem Tariq

Le signifié historique dans « Loin de Médine », réécriture de l’histoire
Nassima Djebbari

Effects of Different Processing Methods on the Proximate Composition of Chrysichthys nigrodigitatus from Great Kwa River, Nigeria
I.G. Olaleye, P. Asuquo, I.U. Imeh

Effects of Grasshoppermeal in the Diet of Clarias gariepinus Fingerlings
Ibukun Grace Olaleye

Yield Dynamics, Nutrient Contents and Soil Properties under T. aman (cv. BR 11) Rice as Influenced by Source and Management of Nitrogen
Md. Saiful Islam, A. K. Paul, M. M. Hossain, Md. Aliul Alam, M. I. K. Khan, Rajesh Chakraborty

Quality Education for Rural Population in India- A Case Study of Jawahar Navodaya Vidyalaya
Geeta Thapliyal

Death Anxiety and Wellness of Cancer Patients
Gaurav Pant, Mahesh Singh Dhapola

Seroprevalence of Cytomegalovirus among Blood Donors at Omdurman Teaching Hospital, Omdurman, Sudan
Ali Abdel aal Ibrahim, Wafa Ibrahim Elhag, Abbas Bakhit Mohammed Rahama, Ahmed Idriss Adam

A Study on Sport Consumption in Malaysia
Russell Munodawafa, Ho Ming Kang, Benjamin Chan Yin Fah

Adaptive Contourlet transform and Wavelet transform based image Steganography using Singular Value Decomposition
Rahul Mane, Manish Sharma

Knowledge and Reproductive Health Practices of Adolescent Mothers in Rural Areas of TamilNadu
P. Devi

Analysis and Calculation of Thermal Losses Resulting from the Junction Fusions in Electrical Networks
Seyed Sajjad Salehi Ghaleh Sefid

The correlation of perceptions of science process skills to its extent of implementation: A study of pre-service year two teachers
Neelam Singh

Educational Attitudes of college students as related to their Personality Orientation in respect of Fixed and Growth Mindset Valences
Vijay Kumar Grover

Design and Fabrication of Anti Reflection Coating by Pulsed Laser Deposition
Alaa N. Abdul Gafaar, Kadhim A. Aadim, Zainab Hazim Abdul Raheem

Assessment of Decentralized Local Governance Performance for Service Delivery in Ethiopia: The Case Study of Angacha District (Woreda)
Rajesh Kumar Pundhir, Abebe Boke

Sero frequency of Herpes simplex (1&2) virus among pregnant women attending Omdurman maternity hospital
Elsiddig Yousif Mohammed Hamed, Wafa Ibhrahim ELhag, Hamid Seidna Hamid

Prevalence of ABO and Rhesus Blood Groups in various blood donors in Kashmir
Irfan Ali, Shagufta Parveen, Showkat Ahmad Kadla, Nisar Ahmad Shah

The Effect of Rural Income and its Relation to the Development of Rural Areas in South Tapanuli District
Ibnussalam Harahap, Badaruddin, Heru Sentosa, Agus Purwoko

Behavior of Macroeconomic Forces to Predict Stock Returns: Empirical Evidence from Global Financial Markets
Waqar-ul-Hassan, Mustabsar Awais

Financial Control and Treasury Budget in Entities
Gheorghe Lepadatu

Modern Approach of the Equities Related to the Continuous Improvements of the International Financial Reporting Standards Applied in Entities
Gheorghe Lepadatu


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