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Volume:  III Issue:  IV Of  July,2015
Morphometric Features and Hydrology of Kadgaon Freshwater Reservoir, (M.S.) India
Rajaram Santram Sawant, Niranjana S. Chavan

The Influence of the Effective Moment of Inertia on the Deflection of FRP Reinforced Concrete Members
Enio Deneko, Anjeza Gjini

The Financial System and the Financial Literacy Imperative in Developing Countries
Haven Allahar

Effects of organizational changes in a banking institution (Case study Bank for Business-BPB)
Sokol Krasniqi

Effect of Cadmium Chloride on Ultrastructure of Gill Filament in Tilapia mossambica (Peters)
Meenakshi Sundaresan

The death of Stalin, its impact in Albania and Nikita Khrushchev
Juljana Krisafi

British Diplomacy on Albania during the First World War
Albina Drançolli Ramadani

Girish Karnad’s Tughlaq: A resonance of the Nehruvian times
Hemangi Bhagwat, Mamta Mantri

Legal Procedure for Realizing the Rights from the Working Relationship
Muhamet Binaku

Seroprevelance of Coxsackie virus B among patients with Heart Diseases in Khartoum Cardiac Center
Shadia Sayed Mohamed Nour Farah, Wafa Ibrahim Elhag

Histopathological Pattern of Endometrial Sampling in Abnormal Uterine Bleeding
Mohammed A. Abd Allah, Dr. Mohammed H. M. Ali, Dr. Isamil O. Khalid, Dr. Mahgoub M. Khier, Dr. Niemat M. Adam

Chemical Management Practices in the School Science Laboratory: A study of the Lower Secondary Schools in the Western Division of Fiji Islands
Sofia B Shah, Runaaz Sharma

Crime and Juvenile Justice in Albania
Saimir Fekolli

Sero-frequency of Cytomegalo virus among pregnant ladies attending Omdurman Maternity Hospital antenatal care
Rafat Sidahmed Hassan Sidahmed, Wafa Ibrahim Elhag, Hamza Abdallh

Assessment of Attitude, Temperament & Adjustment among Hearing Impaired Adolescents across Gender
Shruti Singh, Sunita Mishra

Legal Response against Cybercrime in Albania
Nertil Bërdufi

To Investigate Functional Assemblages of Spiders (Arachnida:Araneae) from Western Ghat Ranges of Radhanagari Wildlife Sanctuary Kolhapur, Maharashtra
Lazarus P. Lanka

A Comparison of Personality Characteristics of National and Premier League Handball Players
Jamal Fazel Kalkhoran, Mohammadi H. Shahram, Sobhi G. Nasser, Zandi G. Hassan

Lifestyle Migration and a Burst Utopia in Jhumpa Lahiri’s The Lowland
Shruti Das

Typology of the meaning in polysemic words which denote parts of the human body in the Albanian language
Manjola Zaçellari

Rethinking – Curriculum Structure and Assessment System for Quality Teacher Preparation
Anil Kumar Jain

Comparative Analysis of Teaching Competency of Physical Education Teachers of Bulacan State University
Marvin R. Tullao

Philippine Folk Dance through the Eyes of the Maloleno Youth
Marvin R. Tullao, Emilio A. Cruz


Indo-German Relations since the Emergence of European Union
Dhirendra Dwivedi

Physico-Chemical and Microbial Analysis of Drinking Water from Gadhinglaj Tahsil, Maharashtra, India
Shobha D. Jadhav, Rajaram S. Sawant, Rahul Shivaji Patil, Ashvin G. Godghate

Proposed Models to Target the Poor First Year Students of Polytechnic University of the Philippines, Main Campus for SY 2014 - 2015 Using Proxy Means Test
Hero L Tolosa, Divina Gracia L. Del Prado

Estimation of Electrolytes in Human Blood Samples with respect to Different Eating Habits
Khayre Amier Mohamed Ibrahim, Prashant Anthony, Sushma

Best Practices for Designing Practicum in Special Education Programs
Ajay Singh, Chia Jung Yeh, Yash Pal Singh, Anju Agarwal, Ashwini Tiwari

Pre-Service Teachers’ Beliefs about Inclusion in Turkey
Zeynep Alat

Water Conservation by Laser Land Leveling in District Mirpurkhas, Sindh, Pakistan
Tehmina Mangan, Shahid Hussain, Mustafa Nangraj

Impact of Agriculture Bank Loan on Adaptation of Modern Technologies by Farmers Kashmore, Sindh
Muhammad Ali Shaikh, Tehmina Mangan, Zuhaib Hassan, Mustafa Nangraj

Socio-Economic Status of People Living in Slums of Kotdiji, District Khairpur Mirs, Sindh
Tehmina Mangan, Abdul Ghani Soomro, Asadullah Jamro, Muhammad Ali Shaikh, Mustafa Nangraj

Socio-Economic Impacts on Adoption of Quality Protein Maize (QPM) Using Organic Mulches in Riverine Chars of Bangladesh
M.A.Hossain, M. A. Halim Khan, M. H. R. Pramanik

Anthropometric Data of Agricultural Workers of Allahabad Region
Ahmed Merza Abood, A.K.A. Lawrence, Sheen C. Moses

Assessment of Tractor Noise Level during Tillage Operation with Rotavator
Ahmed Merza Abood, Sheen C. Moses, A.K.A. Lawrence

Present Status and Prospects of Organic Farming in India
M. S. Deshmukh, Nitin Babar

Effect of smoking on glycosylated hemoglobin (HbA1c) among patients with diabetes mellitus type II
Redha A. H. Al-Hashimi

Contracts and their importance in Kosovo
Yll Xhiha

Prison Overcrowding in Albania
Evisa Kambellari

Data Security in Cloud Computing
Sikander Shahzad

The relationship between internal service quality and employees’ job satisfaction in sports and youth offices of Golestan Province
Javad Ajam, Nasser Bai, Zahra Saberi Seyedabad

Level of Passenger Satisfaction on the Services of Cebu Pacific Air
Chellian O. Lamputi

Influence of Sowing Time and Variety on Growth and Yield of Jute (Corchorus capsularis L) at Southern Region of Bangladesh
B. C. Saha, A. S. M. Iqbal Hossen, T. Rahman, M. J. Hossain, K. M. Zakaria

Hematological profile among Sudanese patients with sickle cell anemia
Mohammed El Bashir Ibrahim Al-Khalifa

Birds of El Ga'ab Depression, Sudan
Zuheir Nour el Dayem Mahmoud, Yahia Fadl Tahir, Hamad Mohamed Hamdeen

Hoverflies of Soon Valley Khushab Punjab Pakistan
Shahmshad Ahmed Khan, Muhammad Anjum Aqueel, Mushtaq Ahmed, Muhammad Munawar Idris

Relative infestation of red pumpkin beetle on different cucurbit vegetables
Shahmshad Ahmed Khan

Diffusion of Rural Malls in Rural Markets: A Study of Consumer Perception
Manisha Gupta, Stuti Tripathi

Assessment of Lipid Profiles in Patients with Down Syndrome in Sudan
Musab Shokry Salih, GadAllah Moddawe, Suhair Abdalrahman Ahmed, AbdElkarim A. Abdrabo

A Survey on the Design, Fabrication and Utilization of Different Crops Planter
Kalay Khan, Dr. S. C. Moses, Ashok Kumar

Food Safety and Sanitary Practices of Food Service Operation in a State University
Aleth Q. Gaduena

Comparative Models of Local Self-Government in the Republic of Kosovo, Former Yugoslav Republic Of Macedonia and the Republic of Serbia
Ilir Islami

Pakistani Shades of Humour: Finer Nuances in Patras’ Humour
Mirza Muhammad Zubair Baig

Comparison of marketing margins earned by contractors and farmers from sale of mango crop in Mirpurkhas district, Sindh
Tehmina Mangan, Abdul Ghafoor Kalwar, Meharul Nissa Rais, Mustafa Nangraj, Muhammad Ali Shaikh

Economic and Social Causes of Child Labor in District Quetta, Balochistan
Muhammad Ali Shaikh, Tehmina Mangan, Muneer Ahmed, Mahmooda Buriro, Mustafa Nangraj, Shoaib Ahmed

Scio-Economic Impacts of Drug Addiction in District Umerkot, Sindh Province of Pakistan
Tehmina Mangan, Muhammad Ali Shaikh, Shoaib Tahir Arain, Velo Ram Suthar, Mahmooda Buriro

The Effect of Professionalism of Top Management Team Flexibility to System Implementation Strategy with Management Accounting Systems as Intervening Variable
Popi Fauziati

Extraction and optimization of exopolysaccharide production from lactic acid bacteria and its application in biosorption of chromium from waste water
Ruhee Khan, Dona Joseph

The Effect of National Culture on Supply Chain Collaboration
Oltjana Zoto

An examination on the study scope and theoretical principles of managerial intellectual learning (MIL)
Joseph Kim-Keung Ho

The Question of Reliability in Script Scoring Practices
Samar Kamal Fazli

The Reform of the European Court of Human Rights – The ongoing process
Pranvera Beqiraj (Mihani), Eralda (Methasani) Çani

Youth Awareness and Mitigation of Waste Pollution in Bulacan State University
Francelaida F. Baluyot, Crisanto Galvez

Khasi Tribe and their Socio-Culture geography: A Study on Asia’s Cleanest Village Mawlynnong
Tapas Pal

Decomposition of wheat straw influences organic carbon contents of the aerobically cultivated soils
Shoukat Ibrahim Abro, Ali Murad Raho, Inayat Rajpar, Aamir Ali, Farman Ali

State Anxiety is linked to Need to Control Thought in Functional Gastrointestinal Disorder
Urmita Chakraborty, Sadhan Das Gupta

Disqualifying the Church Order: Reading Karukku as Bama’s Deliverance
Jayanta Banerjee

Study of Amylase and Invertase Activity in Adults of Chironitis Arrowi (Janssens) (Coleoptera: Scarabaeidae: Scarabaeinae)
A. R. Gaikwad, G. P. Bhawane

A framework for institutional design intervention in Indian crafts sector
Mamta Mantri, Aameir Nayyar

Vedanta School of Indian Philosophy in Contemporary Indian Education: An overview
Manas Kumar Hazra

Violence and causes of violent behavior in schools of Pristina
Samire Bllaca-Balaj

Basics of Writing a Research Report
S. N. Singh

Quality Assurance of Hotel and Restaurant Management Program in Selected State Universities in Region III
Nerissa Censon Calara

A Study on Growth of Higher Education in Jammu and Kashmir
Mohd Ummer Jan Padder, P. Shanmugam

Credit Risk Management in Albania - Analysis of Factors Affecting It
Ermela Kripa, Marinela Seitaj

Analysis of Groundwater Dynamics and Potential in Central India Using Water Balance Approach
Ramesh Chandra Maurya, Arpan Sherring

Analysis of Physical Fitness Performance of Freshmen Students of Bulacan State University
Marvin R. Tullao, Norman S. J. Giron

Value Education through Sports
Suvarna Shinde

Traffic Analysis: Case Study (N-5 Corridor Rawalpindi, Pakistan)
Nasir Ali, Ahsan Ali, Saim Raza, Rana Jahanzaib Munir

Relationship between Inland Fishing and Rain fall pattern of West Bengal a statistical analysis
Pintu Paul, Joydip Banerjee, Uttam Ghosh

The end of the ‘brotherly’ relations between Albania and Yugoslavia (July 1947-November 1948)
Ledion Krisafi

Knowledge, Perceptions and Attitudes of Students towards Female Condoms. A Case Study of Bulawayo Polytechnic
Kurete Faith, Svodziwa Mathew

Recent Development in Operating System
Sikander Shahzad, Muhammad Aslam Niazi, Asad Khan

Correlation between types of Personality and Learning Styles of Selected Students of the Polytechnic University of the Philippines: Basis for Learning Enhancement Program
Silvia C. Ambag, Joseph Reylan B. Viray, Kriztine Viray

Tagore and Anderson’s Idea of Nation: A Comparative Study
Sayantan Thakur

An Empirical Analysis of Population and Employment Projections for Nairobi Metropolitan Region in 2030
Dipti Ranjan Mohapatra

Importance of the Role of Social Inter-dependence among students of Large ESL classes at Tertiary Level
Marriam Bashir, Rozina Fakhar

Study of Peers as Dimension of Psychological Stress among Senior Secondary Science Students
Narendra Kumar

A study of Gender Influence on Emotional Intelligence of Secondary School Teachers
Geeta Thapliyal, Aanchal, Deepa Bisht

The events in Hungary and their perception in Tirana
Juljana Krisafi

The Development and Usability of an Enhanced Job Vacancy Finder Using a Mapping Mechanism
Love Jhoye M. Raboy, JC Vanny Mill A. Saledaien

Design of Working Tools Based on Quick Exposure Check Method to Reduce the Risk of Work Related Musculoskeletal Disorders
Ayu Bidiawati JR, Eva Suryani, Wahyuni Amalia

A study of effect on visual acuity and contrast sensitivity following Nd-YAG laser capsulotomy in patients with posterior capsular opacification
Ishtiyaq Jasiya, Bhat Parvez Ahmad, Anand Om Prakash, Qadri Syed Shuja, Gagneja Neetu, Arsalan-un-nisa

A study of effect on intraocular pressure following Nd-YAG laser capsulotomy in patients with posterior capsular opacification
Ishtiyaq Jasiya, Bhat Parvez Ahmad, Anand Om Prakash, Qadri Syed Shuja, Kaur Daman Preet, Arsalan-un-nisa

KOHA Web-OPAC: How to use it?
Ajay Shanker Mishra, Santosh Thakur

Voice from the Fringes: A Postcolonial Reading of Laxman Gaikwad’s The Branded
Sankha Maji

Pattern of Nosocomial Pneumonia in Intensive Care Unit Patients
Md. Fardous Alam, Mst. Nadira Parvin, Md Monoarul Haque, Ishrat Jahan Khan, Md Al Jahidi Hasan Chowdhury

Ensuring Fundamental Rights of Worker by The Labor Act 2006: A Critical Appraisal
Coxy Talukder

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