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ISSN-L 2286-4822
Impact Factor: 3.4546 (UIF)
DRJI Value : 5.9 (B+)
Past Manuscript List:
Volume:  I Issue:  III
Kinematical Analysis of Under-Arm Throwing Techniques in Cricket at 450 Throwing Angle with 1120 and 450 Approach of 10 Meter Distance
Mohd Arshad Bari and Ikram Hussain

Factors Determining Foreign Direct Investments in Albania
Evis Gjebrea And Oltjana Zoto

Anekantvada, Post-structuralism and Multiculturalism
Sanjay Goyal

The Effectiveness of Trade Shows in Global Competition
Jonida Kellezi

Environmental Impact on Biomass and Allelopathic effect of Cenchrus ciliaris.L
Rajkumari Parwani and Archana Mankad

“To the Rescue!”: A Case Study of the Prefaces to Late Eighteenth-Century Children’s Books
Alexandra Prunean

ICT Skills and Attitude as Determinants of ICT Pedagogy Integration
Anita Rastogi and Smriti Malhotra

Socio-Economic Profile of Silk Weavers: A Micro-Level Study of Srinagar City
Tawheed Yousuf,Ishfaq Khan,Tawseef Yousuf and Tariqahmad Raja

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