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Volume:  III Issue:  VIII Of  November,2015
Exploring Dynamism in Response of the Societies of Muslims towards Multiculturalism in Global World
Mohammad Allam

Does schooling make a difference in English Language Proficiency? A comparison of Pakistani undergraduate students coming from English and Urdu medium schools
Filza Waseem, Amna Naveed, Shazia Aziz

Patterns of Global Political Interaction: A Case Study of Pakistan
Ahmed Qadri, Rabia Shakir, Suwaibah Qadri

Comparative Effectiveness of Fungicides, Botanical Extracts and Bio-Control Agent against Fusarium Nivale Casual Agent of Mango Malformation
Sajjad Ahmed Maari, Manzoor Ali Abro, Shahid Hussain, Ghullam Hussain Jatoi, Abdul Salam Mengal

Destination Image: Identifying Attributes and Obstacles of Tourism places in Bangladesh
Tarikul Islam, Kazi Sharmin Pamela

Validity of Verbal Autopsy for Assessment of Causes of Death in Bangladesh
Ratindra Nath Mondal, Md. Shafiul Alam, Md. Ashraful Haque, Shah Md. Sarwer Jahan, Abul Kalam Azad, Md. Mahfuzer Rahman, Moni Rani, B. D. Bidhu, AKM Shaeheduzzaman, Md. Kumruzzaman Sarker, Amaresh Chandra Shaha, Ram B. Singh, Md. Noor Islam, Devendra Nat

A brief approach of adjectival phraseological units formed by hyperbolic and litotes transfer in English and Albanian
Lediana Beshaj

European Charter a fundamental document for the organization of local self-government system
Ramiz Fazliu

Information and Communication Technologies- A Tool to Empower Grassroot Level Women
V. Thiruveni

A Study on Habits and Interests of Reading Periodicals among College Students during Leisure Time
S. Aravind, K. Chinnasamy

Promoting teachers and strengthening effectiveness
Valbona Habili Sauku

Integration into a unique management information system of municipal institutions that deals with education and training of young people and the business as its support. Case study: Municipality of Gjakova – Kosovo
Kastriot Haxhiu

Qualitative and quantitative status of phytoplankton at Tamadalage freshwater tank from Kolhapur district of Maharashtra, India
S. A. Manjare

Detection of Ki67 and AgNORs among Esophageal Tumors
Abu Elgasim Abass Awad Elkareem, Leena Ahamed Mohammed Alamin, Saja Saif Aldin Saleh Mohamed, Shyma Alzubair Abd Almageed Alzubair

Detection of Cytomegalo Virus in Cervical Tumors among Sudanese Women
Tharwa Farouq Hussein Ahmed, Abu Elgasim Abass Awad Elkareem

The Effect of Transient Voltages in Single-phase to Ground Fault in Case of Increase in the Y center Resistance of Power Station Transformers
Seyed Sajjad Salehi Ghalehsefid

Potassium Levels in Sudanese Female with Hypothyroidism
Moawia Ali Yousif, Enas Osman Hamad, Asma Abd Alkareem Ahmed

On Artin cokernel of The Group(Q2mxD3) Where m= 2p1p2 and p1,p2 are prime numbers
Nesir Rasool Mahmood, Zinah Makki Kadhim


Self-esteem levels and the predisposition to eating disorders in adolescence
Semiramida Manaj

Impact of Alternative Assessment in Higher Education
Brandusa Teican

Law enforcement personnel management with the focus on Kosovo Police
Kadri Arifi

Teacher effectiveness and children’s achievement
Valbona Habili Sauku, Lulzime Lutfiu Kadriu

The “Deferred” American Dream in Death of a Salesman
Marsela Turku

Association between education and knowledge of maternal health among urban women in Dhaka city, Bangladesh
Rezwana Sultana

Use of NLT in Education Management at Higher School
Babayeva Zarovshan

Emphasizing on Quality Education for Human Resource Development in India
Neeti Naveen

Guaranteeing and Protection of Human Rights and Fundamental Freedoms in Kosovo
Skender Gojani

Effect of Iraqi probiotic and Antibiotics neomycin on the intestinal flora, humoral and cellular immunity of broiler chicks
Jassim K.M. Al-Gharawi, Ala’a F. A. Al-Zubaidi

Challenges of Juridical System in Kosovo
Florim Salihu

Molecular Detection of Torque Teno Virus (TTV) Infection among Positive HBV Patients in Khartoum State, Sudan
Hind Azhari, Isam M. Elkhidir, Abdel Rahim M. El Hussein, Ahamed M Alamin, Mohamed El-Fatih, Khalid A. Enan

Deconstructing Macbeth and its complexes
Syed Afroz Ashrafi

The difference between passing the inheritance with universal title and special titled
Greta Bardeli

Molecular characterization using RAPD marker of Blackgram
Md. Rasel Miah, Md. Mahfuzur Rob, Umma Habiba, Muhiuddin Faruquee, Md. Shafiqul Islam

Deterritorializing Desire: A Deleuzian Reading of Joyce’s Ulysses
Nitin Luthra

Relationship between USA Inflation and Indonesian Inflation with Causality and Independent Sample T-Test
Rinni Meidiyustiani, Wuri Septi Handayani

Self-concept, Ethical value and Mental health: An Exploratory Study on Adolescents
Namita Mohanty, Saswati Jena, Prabhudarsan Sahoo

Evolving Rural Haryana through Effective Teacher Education: A Case Study
Sanjeev Bhardwaj

Advertisement pushing the boundaries through Visual Metaphor
Ela Vasi

To speak or not to speak?: Silence and Trauma in Rajinder Singh Bedi's 'Lajwanti' and Sa‘adat Hasan Manto’s 'Open It'
S. Z. Abbas

An empirical study on job stress perceptions in Hong Kong with special reference to the contemporary systems thinking lens
Joseph Kim-Keung Ho

Some Secrets of Ethno-Medicine: With Reference to Hepatitis Practices in Sivasagar of Assam, India
Dwijen Nath, Nishamani Kar, Arup Kumar Das

On Artin Cokernel of the Group (Q2mxD3) where m= 2h p and p is prime number
Nesir Rasool Mahmood, Zinah Makki Kadhim

Screening of chicken RBC’s for the induction of heat stable protein (HSP40) in response to anisomysin
Sumira Bashir, Khalid M Fazili, Khurshid Iqbal Andrabi

Relativization in Arabic and English. A case of Translation Problems with Sudanese Students - A contrastive study -
Al Goot Abdallah Al Awad Salim, Mahmoud Ali Ahmed

Semantic Structure of Relative Clauses in English and Arabic - A contrastive study in Sudanese Context -
Al Goot Abdallah Al Awad Salim, Mahmoud Ali Ahmed

Prevalence Rate of Intestinal Parasites in Mayo Area, Khartoum State, Sudan
Tayseer Elamin Mohamed Elfaki, Safa Abd-Elrahman Osman, Ahmed Bakheet Abd Alla

Analysis of Process of the Economics Development on the Degradation of Environment in Indonesia
Jopinus Saragih

A Stylistic Analysis of Coleridge's Kubla Khan
Mehreen Shakoor

Job Satisfaction among Public and Private Undertakings
Mohd. Ahamar Khan

Spatial and Temporal Variation in Susceptibility Status of Anopheles arabiensis the Malaria Vector to Insecticides in Khartoum State, Sudan
Tagwa Salah Ahmed Mohammed, Khalid Awadelkareem Ahmed, Ali Alamin Nasir, Mo’awia Mukhtar Hassan

Scope of Psychology in Education: Urie Bronfenbrenner’s Bioecological Perspective
Bonnie Amonge Crerar

Personnel selection in private companies in Albania
Besmira Lahi

Fragilities and Security Challenges of Western Balkan Countries
Elira Luli

Comparative Study of Drop-out Rates among Government and Private Primary Schools
Afa Dul Mujiaba

La nature: spectatrice et actrice de Dasan Sur les rives du fleuve Mahé

Impact of Attitude of Teacher on the Scholastic Achievement of Students at the Secondary School Level
Raj Bhardwaj, Pratibha Kohli

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