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Volume:  III Issue:  IX Of  December,2015
Capacity Assessment of SCRB in Iraq
Ahmed Muneer Abdulrahman

The international relations of Azerbaijan within the framework of the BSEC
Asadova Xhanum Irabil

Immunohistochemical Expression of Angiogenic Marker CD34 in Invasive Carcinoma of the Breast
Murtada Absar Alsaid Ahmed, Ageeb Mohammed Hassen, Nada Salih Salih Osman, Hashim Elamin Elroufaie

On the effect of stress on cognitive failures in everyday life: A look into prospective memory errors
Sara Pluviano, Nadia Gamboz, Maria A. Brandimonte

Selfies of the Soul: Spiritual Regeneration in New Age Fiction
Lata Marina Varghese

Effect of salting on the nutritive value of Clarias lazera (Cuvier and Valenciennes)
Abdel Raheam H. A. El-Bassir, Abeer Mohammed Hassan Mohammed Karrar, Altayeb Hashim Zakaria, Taha Abdel Rahman Azrag, Yasir Abdalla Mohamed

Causes Regarding Failure of Micro-Financing: The Study of Southern Punjab, Pakistan
Zahid Iqbal, Sundus Shaheen, Hassan Ahmad

Investigating the Effect of Cooperative Learning in Maximizing Classroom Interaction at Secondary Level
Amir Abdalla Minalla, Mahmoud Ali Ahmed

The Use of Role-Play Activity in Developing Classroom Oral Communication at Sudanese Secondary Classes
Amir Abdalla Minalla, Mahmoud Ali Ahmed

Seroprevalence of Hepatitis C Virus among Pregnant Women Attending Omdurman Maternity Hospital
Sara AL Asha ALHassan Khalid, Baha AL Deen Khalid, Wafa Ibrahim Elhag

Evaluation of LH and prolactin hormone in Male Infertility in Sudan
Nazar Omer Ahmed Bala, Yasir Hamadn-Allah, Hashim Elamin Elroufaie, Nasr Eldin M. A. Shrif

Effect of scion defoliation and stock leaf retention on the grafting success and survivability of Lime
Ashrafun Nahar, Md. Shahidul Hoque Choudhury, M. A. Rahim, Susmita Ray, Md. Shafiqul Islam

Vermicompost as Growth Media for Tomato (Lycopersicum esculentum L.) Transplants Production
Muhammad Jawaad Atif, Ghulam Jellani, Noor Saleem, Ahsan Javed, Atif Akram

The relationship between psychological capital and advisors’ and female psychologists’ social capital of counseling centers in Isfahan
Mohammad Bagher Kajbaf, Maryam Hariri, Faezeh Khanbani, Zarindokht Agharashti

History: Re-written, Revised or Revisited in Gunter Grass’s Crabwalk
Rabia Ashraf

Tourism as a Long-Run Economic Growth Factor: An Empirical Investigation for India Using Causality Analysis
Umer Jeelanie Banday, Mustafa Kocoglu

Size, P/E Ratio and Equity Stock Returns of Pakistan
Aima Razzaq, Affifa Dastgir, Sundus Shaheen, Hassan Ahmad

The course of health: A sustainable landscaping for more sustainable city. Case of El Basatine-Sfax-TUNISIA
Faiza Khebour Allouche, Amira Hamdaoui, Afef Torki

Natural Spaces Protection by Territorial Governance and Uses Regulation
Amira Hamdaoui

Application of “opened gallery” structures in Albanian infrastructure
Mentor Balilaj, Xhevahir Aliu, Julian Kasharaj, Heris Dogga

Role of Selenium and Zinc Deficiency in Etiology of Thyroid Disorder in Khartoum
Rabab Mohammed ELhassan Okasha

Macro Economic Variable in Indonesia with Cointegration Model

The Link between Rural Household Food Security and Child Nutrition: Evidence from Gubalafto District of North Wollo Zone, Ethiopia
Mohammed Teshome Goshu

Health Conditions among the Tribal Areas in Andhra Pradesh
Y. Anil Kumar, Ch. Chiranjevi, Ch. Subha Kumar

Comparing Intended Nationally Determined Contribution (INDC) of developing countries: China, India, Brazil and Mexico
Aishwary Kant Gupta

The Trend and Pattern of Health Expenditure in India and Its Impact on the Health Sector
Karabi Gogoi

The Effect on the Ability of Individual Student Behavior Intention of Using the Internet as a Source of Literature with Perceived Ease of Use as an Intervening Variable
Siska Yulia Defitri, Eliza, Rina Susanti

A survey on the Hong Kong Airport Third Runway project (HKATRP) in the Strategic Assumptions and Surfacing Technique (SAST) spirit
Joseph Kim-Keung Ho

Molecular Structure, Vibrational Spectroscopic and HOMO- LUMO Studies of m-Bromoacetophenone by Quantum Chemical Investigations
Khulood O. Kazar, Mohammed Alaa Abdul Zahra, Naseer K. Shreef, Loay G. Abd Ali, Manal Abed Mohammed, Khlowd M. Jasem

An Investigation into whether YOGA has the propensity to improve the moral conduct of individuals
Sapna Sah, R.S.Pathani

Deterioration in Pakistan’s Education System: A Look at Political Influences
Muhammad Ahmed Qadri, Muhammad Ali

An investigation of the psychometric properties of the customer loyalty questionnaire in sport
Mona Rezaei, Habib Honari, Mehrzad Hamidi, Fatemeh Kiani

Comparative Efficacy of Botanical and Synthetic Pesticides against Major Insect Pests of Cabbage
Mazhar Iqbal, Abdul R. Khan, Muhammad Rafique, Velo Suthar, Bhai. K. Solangi

On the Marriage Institution
Christopher Ikechukwu Asogwa

Teachers’ Self-efficacy, Attitude, and Concern towards Inclusion of Children with Special Needs: Lessons from Literature
Ratan Sarkar

Interruptions - A device to establish control and authority? An analysis of the Psychological function of Interruptions Deployed to Aver Domination in Conversation
Shazia Akbar Ghilzai, Aniqa Inayat

The concept of the Fire God and God Rudra in Rg Veda: A study
Dhundi Raj Upadhyaya

Assessment of Costing System and Practice in Case of Bamboo Star Agro-Forestry
Gudata Abara

Capacity analysis of branches and geometric parameters of existing roundabouts
Xhevahir Aliu, Mentor Balilaj, Flonard Halilaj

Relation between Age and Anxiety Level of Autistic Children’s Mother
Shaheen Akhter, Shoma Rani Nandi, Jannatara Shefa, Tamni Akhter, Khaleda Islam, Md Monoarul Haque

Pattern of Cerebral Palsy among Different Income Groups
Muhammed Kamruzzaman

Development of Questionnaire for socio-economic status of Chikan workers of Lucknow
Seema, Padam S. Bisth, Chakususpati Awasti

Overview to Volunteer Work: Evidence from Jordanian Youth
Mohammad S. K. Jaradat

Difficulties Facing Art Teachers: Evidence from Jordan
Ebtesam Soliman Khalid Jaradat

Assessing the Role of Mobile Phone in Information Seeking of Fish Markets in Abobo and Itang Woreda, Gambella Regional State, Ethiopia
Patrick D. Cerna, Obang Ojoho Buya

Hugo et Hœderer dans Les mains sales
Dr. Kalplata

Assessment of Haemostatic Defects in Patients with End Stage Renal Disease in Hadhramout-Yeme
Ameen Abdulaziz Mohammed Basbaeen, Enaam Abdalrhman Abdelgader

Detection of Cyclin D1 Protein and Ki67 among Sudanese B lymphoma Patient
Sanaa Abdallah Mohmmed Omer, Abu Elgasim Abass Awad Elkareem

Social Corporate Responsibility for Better Future: Fulfillment of Utopian Dream
Kailas Aute

Impact of Community Based Rehabilitation Program on Education and Rehabilitation of Persons with Intellectual Disability
Vijay Kumar, Binaya Bhusan Mohapatra

A Comparative analysis of occupational stress among the employees working in public and private sector banks in Karaikal District of Union Territory of Puducherry, India
I. Arul Edison Anthony Raj, Sheeba Julius

Evaluation effects of menorrhagia in coagulation profile (PT, INR, PTT, and platelets count) in Sudanese females
Khalid Abdelsamea Mohamedahmed, Shatha Abdulrahman Sayedahmed, Islam Ibrahim Abdualbagy, Alrayan Yousif Alsaeed

Differences in results of INR using reagents with different ISI in Sudanese patients on warfarin
Rania Salahaldin Dafaalla, Enaam Abdelrahman, Ahmed Omer Ahmed, Manal M. Eltahir

Supply Chain Practices, Operational Performance- Evidence from Moroccan Firms
Karroumi Hanane

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